The Genesis Code: Best Survival Books and Latest Guides by Teddy Daniels

Former police officer and United States Army infantryman Teddy Daniels has launched a new promotion for a gardening guide and heirloom seed kit.

Buying the Patriot Seeds Survival Seed Vault online today gives you a package of heirloom seeds that could save your life in an emergency. Plus, all purchases come with a bonus gardening eBook called The Genesis Code.

Teddy Daniels created the combo pack because he believes China and Russia will attack the United States before the 2024 election. He wants Americans to prepare for the attack today.

Please keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Teddy Daniels’ new Survival Seed Vault and The Genesis Code combo today in our review.

The Genesis Code & Survival Seed Vault Benefits

With The Genesis Code & Survival Seed Vault combo pack, you get a package of heirloom seeds and a comprehensive gardening guide in one convenient bundle.

Here are some of the benefits of buying the combo pack online today:

  • 20 heirloom seed varieties, including fruits and vegetables, to grow in your backyard
  • Individually packaged seeds with comprehensive, step-by-step growing instructions
  • Survival Seed Vault comes with a bonus gardening guide, The Genesis Code
  • Instant access to bonus guide
  • Created by former police officer, soldier, and politician Teddy Daniels
  • Backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee

What is the Patriot Seeds Survival Seed Vault?

Patriot Seeds is an heirloom seed company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company sells a variety of fruit and vegetable seeds online.

One of Patriot Seeds’ most popular products is the Survival Seed Vault, which contains a bundle of heirloom seeds. It’s like having a 100% heirloom garden in a durable steel canister.

Patriot Seeds markets the Survival Seed Vault to anyone who wants to prepare for unexpected events – from apocalypse scenarios to World War III. Keeping one or more Survival Seed Vaults stored securely could protect you and your family in an emergency.

Each Survival Seed Vault contains 20 varieties of heirloom seeds, including beans, vegetables, and fruits. Just plant the seeds, follow the instructions, and enjoy a diverse food supply for all scenarios.

Discover The Genesis Code & heirloom seeds today.

What is The Genesis Code & Survival Seed Vault Promotion?

As part of a 2024 promotion, former police officer and US Army infantryman Teddy Daniels is promoting a combo package featuring:

  • 1 x Patriot Seeds Survival Seed Vault
  • 1 x The Genesis Code eBook

The Genesis Code is an eBook featuring a step-by-step guide to growing the Patriot Seeds Survival Seed Vault seeds. It teaches everything you need to know about gardening, staying fed in a crisis, and securing your own food supply.

If you buy the combo package through the 2024 promotional offer, you pay just $39.95 or less for the Survival Seed Vault and a copy of The Genesis Code.

The bonus offer is only available online for a short time, and supplies are limited.

What’s Included in the Survival Seed Vault?

The Survival Seed Vault contains a handpicked selection of heirloom seeds, including fruits and vegetables that could be crucial for survival.

Instead of listing the specific number of seeds in the vault, the company lists the approximate weight of each type of seed. Seeds vary widely in size. For example, beans, corn, and pea seeds are large, while onion and lettuce are tiny.

The 20 varieties of heirloom seeds include:

  • Black turtle bush bean (10g)
  • Detroit dark red beet (5g)
  • Green sprouting calabrese broccoli (2g)
  • Golden acre cabbage (2mg)
  • Hales best cantaloupe (2g)
  • Scarlet Nantes carrots (1g)
  • Snowball cauliflower (1g)
  • Golden bantam yellow sweet corn (56.75mg)
  • Marketmore 76 cucumber (4g)
  • Blue Lake bush bean (56.75g)
  • Parris Island cos lettuce (1g)
  • Yellow, sweet Spanish onion (0.5g)
  • Oregon sugar pod #2 pea (28.375g)
  • Champion radish (4g)
  • Bloomsdale spinach (3g)
  • Crookneck squash (4g)
  • Waltham butternut squash (10g)
  • California Wonder bell pepper (0.5g)
  • Marglobe tomato (0.5g)
  • Crimson sweet watermelon (3g)

All of these seeds are 100% heirloom seeds. That means you can continue harvesting seeds from the plants as you grow them, giving you many more seeds than what you started with.

Get your heirloom seeds and gardening guide today!

Who is Teddy Daniels?

Teddy Daniels is a former police officer and US Army infantryman.

He enjoyed brief fame in the 2010s for a heroic encounter with the Taliban in Afghanistan. Teddy’s bodycam footage went viral, showing him protecting his squad from a group of attackers while taking fire on a remote hillside.


After serving in the military, Teddy ran as a candidate for Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor position.

Today, Teddy primarily focuses on marketing products to right-wing audiences online. In late 2024, Teddy made headlines for releasing a doomsday survival guide called “Operation Blackout: How to Survive 365 Days of Darkness.” The online guide, priced at $67, warned that 300 million Americans could die in an upcoming attack on America’s power grid.

What Will You Learn in The Genesis Code?

All purchases come with a copy of The Genesis Code, an eBook explaining the importance of heirloom seeds and providing step-by-step instructions on preparing them in The Survival Seed Vault.

In The Genesis Code, Teddy discusses the importance of heirloom seeds. Early pilgrims to the United States brought heirloom seeds to kickstart agricultural production, and they have been prized throughout history.

Heirloom seeds continue to be important in modern times. Teddy mentions the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, operated by Norway in a remote Arctic archipelago, as proof. That seed vault safeguards the duplicates of 1,301,397 seed samples from around the world and has room for millions more. The vault’s purpose is to secure a future food supply regardless of what happens to the climate.

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Teddy Believes World War III May Have Already Started

Teddy is urging Americans to buy the Survival Seed Vault because he believes a world war is imminent.

Teddy believes World War III may have already begun, citing growing conflict around the world that could soon explode into a global conflict:

“Let me start by asking you a simple question…has World War III already started?”

Teddy cites previous World Wars as proof, where more minor conflicts escalated into larger conflicts. Japan’s “World War II” started in the mid-1930s, for example, with the invasion of Manchuria. Europe’s World War II started with the invasion of Poland in 1939. America’s World War II began in 1941 with the attack at Pearl Harbor.

Today, Teddy believes there are similar minor conflicts around the world taking place, and these small conflicts could snowball into World War III. Those minor conflicts include:

  • Russia invaded Ukraine, and that conflict continues to spiral out of control
  • Hamas attacking Israel, and growing unrest in the Middle East – like continued aggression by Iran against Israel
  • Houthi rebels from Yemen are attacking ships in the Red Sea
  • The explosion of the Nordstream pipeline
  • China is conducting a cyber war on the United States
  • Foreign agents, including Chinese men of military age, infiltrating the southern border

As further proof, Teddy cites growing evidence the United States is preparing for war against both China and Russia. Teddy believes we’re currently in Phase 1 and that the conflict will continue to play out over the coming months:

“We’re in what I’m calling ‘Phase 1’ of this situation. It’s playing out through these smaller regional conflicts while the bigger players are maneuvering behind the scenes.”

The NATO countries are on one side, and the BRICS countries, led by Russia and China, are on the other. The two forces could come to a head in the near future.

Teddy claims to have access to “intel” warning him of an upcoming change in the conflict:

“According to my intel, the next phase of this conflict could be something completely different.”

Instead of directly attacking the United States, the next phase of the war will involve indirect attacks on supply chains, plunging the United States into chaos.

Start prepping with Teddy Daniels’ Seed Vault.

China & Russia Will Attack Supply Chains Instead of Directly Attacking the United States

Teddy admits the United States could defend itself against a direct attack by China or Russia.

However, China and Russia know this and will take a different approach: they’ll attack the supply chains of medicine, food, energy, and other supplies going to the United States. Teddy claims this is a war they can win.

Teddy believes a Chinese and Russian attack against the supply chain would lead to the “complete societal collapse” of the United States:

“We could ultimately see a massive famine and complete societal collapse.”

By targeting the supply chain, America could lose access to its life-saving medicine, energy, food, and even weapons – all of which come from foreign countries. The world could bring America to its knees by cutting off these supply chains.

China and Russia Already Have Agents in the United States

Teddy, citing additional intel from “top FBI officials,” claims to know about a “Phase 2” attack against the United States performed by agents within the country already.

Teddy claims military-age males from China and Russia have already infiltrated the country through the southern border. They’re living and working among us, waiting to strike crucial infrastructure.

Phase 1 of the Russian and Chinese attack will involve disrupting the supply chains. Phase 2 of the attack, however, will involve direct strikes on infrastructure:

  • The United States is facing a “soft invasion” from tens of thousands of men from Russia, China, Iran, and terrorist groups.
  • These men are crossing the southern border every day.
  • Once Phase 2 starts, these men aim to disrupt infrastructure and the supply chain.
  • These men will perform “a few targeted attacks on our infrastructure,” disrupting the power grid, ports, internet, and water treatment.
  • With a few simple strikes, these men could bring America to its knees – and Teddy believes the attack is imminent.

China and Russia Could Attack Before the 2024 Election

Teddy has been preparing for doomsday events since 2024, warning Americans that China and Russia are preparing to attack and destroy the United States.

Teddy is making a similar prediction for 2024. He believes China and Russia could team up to attack the United States before the 2024 election.

Teddy believes now is the best time to attack the United States because “The USA has never been weaker than we are right now.” Despite being a proud retired member of the United States military, Teddy claims today’s American military is weak because of:

  • Joe Biden, who Teddy describes as a “senile old man.”
  • Ineffective military leadership that has been “infected with the woke mind virus.”
  • Military personnel that are “more concerned with pronouns than protecting our country.”
  • A United States Army that has been unable to meet its recruiting goals for two years in a row
  • A declining military inventory, with a significant amount of military supplies already sent to Ukraine

Teddy believes this window will “slam shut” if Trump gets back in the White House, so he urges you to prepare today. He believes China and Russia will attack at some point in the next few months, and intelligent Americans are preparing today.

Get ready for any emergency with Patriot Seeds.

How Genesis Code Seeds Work

To help Americans prepare, Teddy has created a book called The Genesis Code.

In The Genesis Code, you’ll discover the importance of heirloom seeds and how they work.

Here’s how Genesis Code seeds work:

  • Certain seeds, heirloom seeds, are also known as “Genesis Code” seeds.
  • Teddy says these seeds trace their genes back “thousands of years.”
  • Historically, humans used heirloom seeds to survive wars, famines, depressions, and other catastrophes.
  • Teddy believes smart Americans need to prepare today by stockpiling seeds.

Heirloom Seeds vs. Ordinary Gardening Seeds

Teddy claims ordinary gardening seeds at a hardware store are “imposters” because they don’t contain the Genesis Code.

Here are some of the differences between the seeds included with the Genesis Code and the seeds you buy at a local hardware store:

Two centuries ago, agricultural researchers started creating “hybrid” seeds. They modified the seeds’ genes to promote different qualities.

Hybrid seeds don’t spread as many seeds after growing as heirloom seeds. You need to buy new seeds each year.

The more we use hybrid seeds, the harder it is to find the original, ancient varieties of seeds.

One reason the seed vault in Svalbard is so important is that it contains original, ancient varieties of seeds—not the genetically modified seeds in our food supply today.

Instead of using hybrid seeds from hardware stores, Teddy recommends buying heirloom seeds, which he claims contain God’s divine genetic code, passed down through history.

With heirloom seeds, a single crop can create many times the number of seeds, allowing you to continue growing your own food supply in perpetuity.

Teddy advises against buying seeds from a local hardware store for all of these reasons and more. Instead, he recommends buying heirloom seeds – like the seeds in the Survival Seed Vault.

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Other Survival Seed Vault Features

The Patriot Seeds Survival Seed Vault is designed to help you stay safe during unexpected situations – like the upcoming 2024 war with China and Russia that Teddy predicts will occur.

Here are some of the features of the Patriot Seeds Survival Seed Vault:

  • 20 Life-Sustaining Food Crops: Each Survival Seed Vault comes with a diverse selection of fruits and vegetables, including foods that could sustain your life in a crisis. You get beans, fruits, vegetables, and more.
  • Disaster-Proof Packaging: The Survival Seed Vault comes in three-layer, disaster-proof packaging. The first layer is a steel, waterproof canister. It’s so strong that Teddy claims to be able to stand on the canister without breaking—and Teddy isn’t small. The second and third layers are double-layered nylon and foil “military-style” packaging. These three layers reduce the effects of air and moisture on your seeds, helping your seeds stay safe for decades.
  • Chosen for Optimal Diversity: Crop diversity gives you nutritional diversity. Eating various fruits and vegetables increases your chances of getting the nutrients your body needs.
  • Complete Step-by-Step Instructions: All purchases come with complete, step-by-step instructions explaining how to grow your food.
  • Zero Experience Required: Many Survival Seed Vault customers have zero gardening experience. Whether you’re an expert gardener or new, you can easily use the Survival Seed Vault to grow your food.
  • Works Even on Apartment Balcony: Even if you have a small growing space – like an apartment balcony – you can use the seeds in the Survival Seed Vault to create your own food supply.

The Genesis Code & Survival Seed Vault Combo Package Pricing

If you buy The Genesis Code & Survival Seed Vault online today, you’ll pay just $39.95 per combo package. However, you can save even more by purchasing multiple packages.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering The Genesis Code & Survival Seed Vault package online today:

  • 1 x Combo Pack (1 x Survival Seed Vault, 1 x eBook): $39.95
  • 4 x Combo Packs (4 x Survival Seed Vaults, 1 x eBook): $108 ($27 Per Pack)
  • 6 x Combo Packs (6 x Survival Seed Vaults, 1 x eBook): $139 ($23 Per Pack)

You won’t find a better deal on The Genesis Code + Survival Seed Vault anywhere else!

The checkout page also has multiple upsell offers, including an opportunity to join an elite group of patriots for $19.95 per month and an additional microgreens sprouting kit:

  • Command Post Elite Membership (+$19.95 Per Month): For an extra $19.95 per month, you get immediate access to “a top-secret, uncensored community of like-minded patriots.” Many of these members believe America is “on the cusp of disaster,” and they’re actively taking steps to prepare for the upcoming disaster. Also known as TCP Elite, Command Post Elite comes with access to bonus materials, including “off-the-record” interviews with political insiders, ex-CIA agents, and others. Members also receive regular DEFCON 0 alerts from Teddy, sent directly to their email inboxes. You can cancel at any time.
  • Microgreens / Seed Sprouting Kit ($+63.03): Microgreens and seed sprouting kits could save your life in an emergency. They also grow much faster than conventional fruit and vegetable heirloom seeds. Seed sprouts can grow into nutritious food in as little as three days. In this kit, you get five varieties of seeds, a 4-tray sprouting system, and everything you need to start growing microgreens at home today.
  • AlexaPure Pro Water Filtration System (+$279): The AlexaPure Pro Water Filtration System is a gravity-powered filtration system specifically designed to target the 206 most common contaminants in drinking water. By using this filtration system after a disaster, you can ensure you have a safe water source. The filtration system removes chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, heavy metals, lead, pharmaceuticals, and viruses from the system. Teddy claims you can “drink water from polluted rivers” using the filtration system, potentially saving your life in an emergency.
  • 4-Week Emergency Food Supply (+$267): Add one month’s worth of emergency food storage to your Genesis Code order for an extra $267. The food comes in storage containers built to last up to 25 years, giving you a safe food supply for decades. You also get 16 different menu options, including breakfasts (like buttermilk pancakes), lunches and dinners (like chili, spaghetti, and southwest rice), and desserts (like chocolate pudding), among others. It’s enough to give an adult 1,800 healthy calories daily for four weeks.

The Genesis Code & Survival Seed Vault Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Reviewers have good things to say about The Genesis Code and Survival Seed Vault combo package and about each separate purchase.

Here are some of the reviews shared by verified purchasers on the official website:

Many customers are impressed by the quality of the seeds in the Survival Seed Vault. Some simply store the seeds for future use and trust the quality, while others have taken the seeds out and grown them in their gardens, impressed with the results.

Most customers have good things to say about the company’s customer service, including shipping, refund requests, and the overall customer experience.

Some customers have essential gardening experience, but most seem to have virtually no gardening experience – yet they still use the seeds effectively. The seeds are individually packaged and come with instructions for each vegetable, making it easy to see how to grow each seed.

New gardeners also like The Genesis Code for teaching them additional information about gardening, such as how to get started, which foods are most important to grow in an emergency, and other crucial information.

Customers find the price of The Genesis Code & Survival Seed Vault combo pack reasonable. For one discount price, they get a package of heirloom seeds along with a comprehensive eBook.

Read what others are saying and decide for yourself >>>

The Genesis Code & Survival Seed Vault Refund Policy

If you buy the combo pack of The Genesis Code & Survival Seed Vault online today, your purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You have 30 full days to try the package, decide if you like it, and request a refund if you are unhappy. Plus, you can keep The Genesis Code eBook as a reward for trying it out. You must send the unopened Survival Seed Vault (or Vaults) back to the manufacturer to receive the refund.

About The Genesis Code & Survival Seed Vault

The Genesis Code & Survival Seed Vault package is exclusively sold online. The website was built to distribute the Patriot Seeds Survival Seed Vault and The Genesis Code eBook to patriotic customers at a discount.

It’s one of several online properties and brands led by Teddy Daniels. The former US Army soldier has also sold prepping guides, survival guides, emergency food supplies, and other guides and tools online to anyone who wants to be prepared.

To learn more about The Genesis Code & Survival Seed Vault package or to buy online today, visit the official website:

  • Mailing Address: 4023 Kennett Pike Ste 50405 Wilmington, DE 19807
  • Telephone: 1-833-246-6485
  • Email: support@getyourseedvault.com

Final Word

Teddy Daniels and the team at Patriot Seeds have joined together for a 2024 promotion.

Buying a Survival Seed Vault online today gives you immediate access to an eBook called The Genesis Code. Your purchase includes a package of heirloom seeds (with 20 fruit and vegetable seeds), step-by-step instructions, disaster-proof packaging, and a bonus eBook explaining the importance of heirloom seeds and how to grow them.

To learn more about the combo package or to buy The Genesis Code and Survival Seed Vault combo online today, visit the official website.


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