The Freeport Investor by The Freeport Society Review – Everything You Need To Know

The Freeport Investor is a new financial subscription service created by The Freeport Society.

As The Freeport Society’s flagship investment advisory service, The Freeport Investor aims to help you grow wealth starting today with help from Louis Navellier, Charles Sizemore, and other advisors.

Find out everything you need to know about The Freeport Society’s new subscription service, The Freeport Investor, today in our review.

What is The Freeport Investor?

The Freeport Investor is a monthly investment newsletter published by The Freeport Society.

The goal of The Freeport Investor is to help investors keep money safe and grow money in a high-inflationary environment.

As part of a 2024 promotion, The Freeport Investor is priced at just $49 for your first year – a steep discount from the ordinary retail price of $199.

Plus, all new subscriptions come with a bundle of bonus reports. You can subscribe to The Freeport Investor at a discount rate today and get bonus reports to potentially enhance investment returns.

One bonus report discusses a blueprint for investing during the 2024 US Presidential election. By following this blueprint, you could earn huge returns during the election.

The Freeport Investor is one of two flagship newsletters just launched by The Freeport Society. The other is Freeport Alpha, which emphasizes short-term investments instead of long-term wealth management. The Freeport Society also offers a free email newsletter called The Freeport Navigator.

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The Freeport Investor Benefits

Some of the benefits of The Freeport Investor include:

  • Monthly issues with stock tips and investment ideas
  • Discover where to invest your money, time, or energy
  • Gain more freedom and peace of mind no matter the market or economic conditions
  • Led by Chief Investment Advisor Charles Sizemore and other Freeport Society advisors
  • Flagship investment advisory firm recently launched The Freeport Society
  • Backed by a 90-day satisfaction-guarantee

How Does The Freeport Investor Work?

Louis Navellier, Charles Sizemore, and the team at The Freeport Investor send subscribers new investment ideas each month.

Subscribers receive actionable information they can use to make trades, buy stocks, and make important investment decisions.

The Freeport Investor was launched in 2024 while the world continues dealing with inflation’s effects. Americans in their 50s, 60s, and beyond are worried about losing their wealth to inflation. The Freeport Investor aims to help preserve and grow wealth, giving Americans peace of mind.

Here’s how The Freeport Society describes the goal of The Freeport Investor:

“Every month, The Freeport Investor will show you best places to invest your money, time, or energy to help you gain more freedom and peace of mind no matter what’s happening in markets or the economy.”

Each month, subscribers receive investment ideas, stock recommendations, and updates on previously recommended stocks – like sell alerts from stocks listed in the model portfolio.

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The Freeport Investor is Expecting a “Massive Twist” in the 2024 Election

The Freeport Society has launched a new promotional campaign for The Freeport Investor, warning of a “massive twist” in the upcoming 2024 US Presidential election.

That election is expected to feature Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump. However, The Freeport Society believes the Democrats are preparing to launch California governor Gavin Newsom as a “shadow candidate” to take Biden’s place because of health risks.

Joe Biden is 81 years old. He’s already the oldest active US President – a record he will continue to set if elected to a second term.

Democrats are publicly endorsing Joe Biden. Privately, however, they’re reportedly preparing a backup plan—a shadow candidate like Gavin Newsom.

To help you prepare for this surprise, The Freeport Society has published a guide featuring specific steps to take before the 2024 election – including stocks to sell today – and stocks you should buy instead.

The Democrats Will Launch Gavin Newsom as a Shadow Candidate for the 2024 Election

Louis Navellier and his team at The Freeport Society are making a bold prediction for the 2024 US Presidential election: Joe Biden will drop out of the race in the coming months, then allow current California governor Gavin Newsom to run in his place.

Louis claims Gavin Newsom is already “running ads in seven states” and “is taking meetings with foreign leaders” in preparation to be the Democratic candidate in the 2024 election.

Why would Democrats replace Joe Biden? Louis Navellier describes Joe Biden as a “sure loser.”

Louis even claims that “Biden will not make it to November 3, 2024.” It’s unclear if Louis is referring to Biden’s health or the consequences of his politics.

Why Gavin Newsom Will Replace Joe Biden

Today, Las Vegas gambling houses have Donald Trump as the favorite to win the 2024 US Presidential election, slightly ahead of Joe Biden.

The next most likely candidates are Michelle Obama (14/1 odds), Robert Kennedy Jr. (28/1 odds), Nikki Haley (40/1 odds), and Gavin Newsom (50/1 odds).

Louis Navellier clearly believes he has access to intelligence that the rest of the world does not, and he insists the Democrats are secretly preparing to replace Joe Biden with Gavin Newsom – not Michelle Obama – in the 2024 election.

Some of the reasons why Gavin Newsom will replace Joe Biden include:

  • Gavin Newsom is already scheduling meetings with foreign leaders. Plus, he’s running ads in seven states.
  • Joe Biden is 81-years old, and some are concerned about both his mental and physical health.
  • Polls show most Republican candidates are running neck-and-neck with Joe Biden. Trump vs. Biden, for example, is seen as a toss-up.
  • Some voters – even Democrat voters – believe their party should run someone else instead. While some have pointed to Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris as potential replacements, others have suggested current California governor Gavin Newsom as the likely replacement.
  • Kamala Harris doesn’t have great polling numbers. Despite being a potential candidate to replace Joe Biden, polls have her trailing behind most Republican candidates. The Democrats are searching for a replacement candidate like Gavin Newsom.

For all these reasons and more, Louis Navellier is warning investors to prepare for the upcoming Gavin Newsom presidency and its impact on today’s markets.

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Gavin Newsom Will Cause the “Californication” of America

Louis Navellier believes Gavin Newsom will be a disastrous president. He claims Gavin Newsom will lead to the “coming Californication of America,” which Louis sees as bad.

Louis admits there are many things he likes about California. His family roots go back generations. California has great weather, amazing national parks, and some of the world’s best entertainment and technology sectors. Its GDP is higher than virtually any country in the world.

Despite these advantages, Louis warns Gavin Newsom will destroy America with California-style policies. As proof, Louis cites Newsom-era policies in California like:

  • California has spent over $10 billion to tackle homelessness, yet homeless tent cities exist all over the state.
  • California’s retirees are increasingly concerned about pensions, and pension liabilities are currently unfunded.
  • Cars and appliances “are being systematically targeted to be banned,” according to Louis. According to Louis, Gavin Newsom wants to ban “all natural gas appliances” while banning the sale of gas-powered cars by 2035.
  • Louis also criticizes California’s $20 minimum wage for fast food workers, high taxes, “woke nonsense” in classrooms, and other “Californication” issues.

Because of these issues, Louis wants Americans to be wary of Gavin Newsom’s potential upcoming US Presidency. He believes it will lead to the destruction of America as we know it.

Two Demographic Reasons Donald Trump Was the Last Republican President

Donald Trump is the odds-on favorite to win the 2024 US Presidential election.

However, Louis believes that won’t be the case. Instead, he believes Gavin Newsom will replace Joe Biden as the Democratic candidate, leading to a Democrat win in 2024.

Louis Navellier believes Donald Trump may have been “the last Republican President” as young voters increasingly turn away from the party.

Louis identifies two demographic reasons why Democrats will win in 2024:

Demographic Reasons #1 and #2: Millennials & Gen Z Voters: Louis blames younger voters, including Gen Z and Millennial voters, for the potential results of the 2024 election. Millennials and Gen Z voters make up the second largest electoral group, behind Baby Boomers. While Baby Boomers are increasingly dying off, they’re being replaced by younger voters. By 2028, Gen Z and Millennials are expected to be the largest voting block.

Louis claims these younger voters have been indoctrinated by “woke ideologies” promising them things like “student loan forgiveness…free healthcare…free universal childcare” and other voter-friendly policies. These policies are shifting younger voters to the Democrats.

Young voters, according to Louis Navellier, will vote for Gavin Newsom in the 2024 election and then continue to vote Democrat for the foreseeable future, helping to “bring socialism into the mainstream in America.”

How to Prepare for the Surprising Results of the 2024 US Election: 5 Steps to Take

Louis Navellier and the team at The Freeport Society are warning investors of a surprising result in the 2024 US Presidential election: they believe Gavin Newsom will replace Joe Biden – and that smart and savvy investors should take action today to prepare.

By subscribing to The Freeport Investor today, you get a step-by-step guide called The 2024 Election Blueprint. That guide lists the specific actions to take to prepare for the election, including:

Step #1: Sell 3 Stocks and Buy 3 New Stocks Immediately

First and most importantly, The Freeport Society team recommends selling three stocks that will be affected by the US election results and replacing them with three other stocks that could rise significantly after the election.

The three stocks include:

  • Three stocks to sell that are “ticking time bombs” as we get closer to the election. Many ordinary investors have these stocks somewhere in their portfolios. The Freeport Society team recommends getting rid of these stocks quickly, claiming you should “sell them immediately.”
  • Three stocks to buy that could soar over the coming months as the 2024 election unfolds. The Freeport Society team believes these stocks will “soar over the next 18 months” as the country deals with the 2024 election drama.

Step #2: Profit Off the “Green New Scam”

Next, The Freeport Society team recommends investing in a sector that they expect will “rocket upward the most in the next 3-5 years.” That sector is oil and gas.

Gavin Newsom and the Democrats are big fans of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing. Typically, that means oil and gas stocks would fall. Louis Navellier believes Gavin Newsom and the Democrats will start “ramming green energy policies down all our throats.”

Despite the focus on ESG, oil and gas will thrive. People still need energy to travel, work, and live. Louis doesn’t believe ESG initiatives can keep up, forcing people to continue relying on oil and gas – especially if there’s war in the Middle East or other factors.

  • By subscribing to The Freeport Investor today, you get immediate access to five oil and gas stocks that could deliver 20x returns, according to Louis Navellier:
  • All subscriptions come with 5 oil and gas stock recommendations.

Louis Navellier and the team at The Freeport Society believe oil and gas stocks “could have more record-high profits” in the near future, and he’s identified 5 companies that could be at the top of this wave.

In fact, Louis believes these companies could help you “make 10 times your money…or even 20 times your money” off a single investment. As proof, he cites a previous oil and gas recommendation that rose 1,500%, or 15x.

All 5 of these companies are smaller, lesser-known names that Louis believes have huge growth potential. They’re not big names like BP or Chevron.

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Step #3: Inflation-Proof Your Life

Inflation has soared over the last few years. Louis believes inflation will continue to soar if and when Gavin Newsom is elected president.

In fact, Louis believes we’re currently in a dangerous time because people believe inflation is over—despite the fact that borrowing, spending, and debt are all growing faster than the economy. According to The Freeport Society team, these factors will converge to make inflation “a new normal.

Instead of losing money to inflation, The Freeport Society team recommends investing in a hedge against inflation – and it’s not gold:

Gold is a good hedge against inflation. Since 1978, its value has increased 437%, helping to mitigate the effects of inflation.

However, Louis has identified a separate investment that would have delivered 3,800% returns over the same time period, turning $10,000 into $380,000. Louis recommends buying this alternative asset instead.

This alternative asset isn’t a specific stock; instead, it’s a sector of the economy. Louis describes this sector as “the best hedge against long-term inflation that I’ve ever seen in my 40+ year career.”

Louis claims his algorithms are signaling now is the best time to buy the asset. That’s why he recommends buying the asset to protect against inflation.

By subscribing to The Freeport Investor today, you will receive immediate access to a report called The Inflation Solution. This report explains the full details of this unique investment opportunity and how it works.

Step #4: Secure “Off the Grid” Tax-Free Income

Louis also believes he has identified an “off the grid” source of income. You’ll pay zero taxes on that income, so Louis recommends it to investors seeking to avoid the effects of inflation.

Although we can’t spoil complete details of the off-the-grid income upfront, here’s how Louis describes it:

  • The off-the-grid income source isn’t corporate bonds, precious metals, collectibles, or treasury bonds.
  • Yields on this investment rose 200% in 2024 alone.
  • This investment is tax-free, and you’ll “get to make money…and not pay a lick of taxes” while holding this asset.
  • Louis also claims the asset is “nearly risk-free” because, in some cases, investors are “guaranteed to get paid.”

By subscribing to The Freeport Investor today, you will receive complete details of this off-the-grid asset and how it works, including how to take advantage of the unique opportunity.

Step #5: Follow the Investment Recommendations in Investing in the Age of Chaos

By subscribing to The Freeport Investor today, you get immediate access to an eBook Called Investing in the Age of Chaos. The book details the specific steps to survive the upcoming “age of chaos” created by the predicted Gavin Newsom Presidency.

Some of the lessons described in the book include:

  • The specific strategies and actions to keep your freedoms throughout the 2024 election cycle and beyond.
  • The specific formula recommended by The Freeport Society’s experts to help you plan, implement, and grow your freedom.
  • Why the predicted Gavin Newsom presidency will create the “Californication of America,” leading to a new “age of chaos.”
  • Specifically, Louis and his team believe Gavin Newsom will create an America with “endless war”, political upheaval, inflation, high interest rates, and troubling technological advances.
  • However, investors can protect their wealth and maintain their financial independence by taking specific steps during this age of chaos.

Monthly Investment Insights: The Freeport Investor

What’s Included with The Freeport Investor?

As part of a 2024 promotion, all new subscriptions to The Freeport Investor come at a discount rate. Plus, you receive several bonus reports – including a guide on navigating the potentially surprising results of the 2024 US Presidential Election.


Your subscription to The Freeport Investor includes all of the following:

  • 12 Monthly Issues of The Freeport Investor: Each month, Charles Sizemore and his team of analysts send subscribers a new issue of The Freeport Investor. Issues feature stock recommendations, trade ideas, investment ideas, and more. You also get updates to the model portfolio, sell alerts, and other notifications about movements among the team’s previous recommendations.
  • Free Bonus Report #1: The 2024 Election Blueprint: The Freeport Society believes America is facing a big surprise in the 2024 US Presidential election: the Democrats are preparing to launch a “shadow candidate” behind Joe Biden. In this report, you can discover three election stocks that are “ticking time bombs” as we get closer to the election – and many Americans have these stocks somewhere in their portfolios. The Freeport Society recommends you “sell them immediately” and buy three alternative companies instead. The three alternative stocks could “soar over the next 18 months” as the 2024 election drama unfolds.
  • Free Bonus Report #2: Oil Stocks Set to Rocket Up: The Freeport Society advocates buying oil stocks, claiming the “oil sector is just warming up.” They expect profits across natural gas and oil to rise – especially if the Middle East continues to conflict. In this report, you’ll discover five oil and gas companies that “could deliver you amazing profits,” according to The Freeport Society. According to the team, these companies aren’t big names like BP or Chevron; instead, they’re smaller names that could “potentially make 10 to 20 times your money” of a single investment.
  • Free Bonus Report #3: The Inflation Solution: As inflation escalates, it’s hard for investors to stay ahead. In this report, you’ll discover the investments you can make today to avoid the negative effects of inflation. The Freeport Society believes Joe Biden and Gavin Newsom will team up to make inflation “a new normal,” wreaking havoc on everyday Americans.
  • Free Bonus Report #4: Off the Radar Income: This report reveals an off-the-radar asset that has helped investors stay sheltered from stock market conditions in all environments. It’s not treasury bonds or corporate bonds. Instead, it’s a remarkable tax-free investment that can help you make money, maintain privacy, and avoid paying taxes. You get complete details on this unique investment opportunity in this report.
  • Free Book: Investing in The Age of Chaos: The Freeport Society believes America is facing an “Age of Chaos” because of the “Californication of America” and the upcoming results of the 2024 US Presidential election. Investors could struggle to navigate this age. This book aims to help. Written by The Freeport Society, Investing in The Age of Chaos features practical tips for growing assets, boosting income, and identifying opportunities amid chaos. The book is not sold anywhere else online.

The Freeport Investor Pricing

The Freeport Investor normally retails for $199 per year. As part of a 2024 launch promotion, however, The Freeport Society has reduced the upfront price to just $49 for your first year, then $99 per year.

All subscriptions include 12 monthly issues of The Freeport Investor, along with the bundle of bonus reports and perks mentioned above.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering The Freeport Investor online today:

  • The Freeport Investor Annual Subscription + Bonus Reports: $49 for your first year, then $99 per year after that

You can cancel your subscription at any time. If you don’t cancel within one year, then your credit card on file is automatically charged $99.

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The Freeport Investor Refund Policy

All Freeport Investor subscriptions come with a 90-day money-back guarantee. You have 90 days to try out the subscription. You’re entitled to a full refund if you don’t like it. You can also keep any bonus reports and other digital files you receive.

About The Freeport Society

The Freeport Society is a new financial publishing brand. The company describes itself as “an alliance of free thinkers and truth sayers” who believe that “free minds, free speech, free enterprise, and free markets made America the greatest country in history.”

The Freeport Society claims to be politically agnostic. However, the financial publishing company appears to cater to right-wing investors primarily. They claim to “reject foreign meddling and woke politics,” for example, while describing US President Joe Biden as “a sure loser” in the 2024 US Presidential Election.


The Freeport Society launched with two flagship investment advisory services, including The Freeport Investor and Freeport Alpha. The company also offers a free email newsletter called The Freeport Navigator.

You can contact The Freeport Society and the company’s customer service team via the following:

  • Phone: (800) 539-8213
  • Email: support@thefreeportsociety.com
  • Mailing Address: 1125 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201

The Freeport Society is led by Chief Investment Strategist Charles Sizemore along with a Board of Advisors.

Final Word

Baltimore-based financial publishing company The Freeport Society has launched a 2024 promotion for its flagship newsletter, The Freeport Investor.

The team behind The Freeport Investor believes there will be an enormous surprise during the 2024 US Presidential election: the Democrats are preparing to replace Joe Biden with a “shadow candidate.”

By subscribing to The Freeport Investor today, you can discover a blueprint for investing successfully during the 2024 election – including how to prepare for the unexpected surprise ending to the election.

Visit the official website to learn more about The Freeport Investor or to subscribe to the financial newsletter today.


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