Neural Excellence Review – Everything You Need To Know

Neural Excellence is a nutritional supplement based on the power of “epigenetic activation.”

By taking Neural Excellence daily, you can use epigenetic activation to promote powerful effects within your body and mind – including everything from increased learning ability to weight loss.

Is Neural Excellence legit? Keep reading to find out how the program works today in our review.

What is Neural Excellence?

Neural Excellence is a package of digital files designed to promote cognition, memory, and overall brain activity using audio files and other materials.

You download the package online in exchange for a one-time fee of $37. Then, you listen to a digital audio track daily.

By listening to Neural Excellence daily, you can use the science of “epigenetic activation” to activate a secret instruction code within dormant DNA. You have DNA within your body that could supercharge your body and mind – but this DNA is lying dormant. When you listen to the Neural Excellence audio track, you activate this DNA, creating powerful benefits – from better memory to weight loss to increased problem-solving ability.

Neural Excellence is exclusively available online, where it’s priced at a one-time fee of $37. All purchases have a 180-day money-back guarantee.

Neural Excellence Benefits

Some of the benefits of Neural Excellence include:

  • Use a 1-minute daily audio track to supercharge your body and mind
  • Promote cognition, memory, focus, attention, and overall brainpower
  • Support physiological effects – from weight loss to better energy
  • Created by a neurologist based on the science of epigenetic activation
  • Priced at a one-time fee of $37
  • Backed by 180-day moneyback guarantee

Neutral Excellence: Get the benefits you’ve been looking for!

How Does Neural Excellence Work?

Neural Excellence works by activating “epigenetic factors” in your DNA, targeting your body at the molecular level to change your connection with the world.

The formula is built on a mechanism called “epigenetic activation.” This process targets your DNA, helping you rapidly experience potent effects.

Here’s how epigenetic activation works with Neural Excellence:

You download Neural Excellence, then listen to the core 1-minute, 12-second audio file daily.

The audio file plays sounds at a specific frequency. These frequencies mimic the frequencies needed to activate dormant cells.

When the frequencies activate dormant cells, they trigger these cells to release new instructions. These instructions were always within yourself but were lying dormant.

The instructions tell your cells how to perform extraordinary tasks and skills, such as memory, learning speed, creativity, problem-solving, and even weight loss.

Each session acts like a “key,” revealing new layers of your genetic potential. You always had this genetic potential within yourself. Neural Excellence reveals that potential by activating dormant genes via the power of sound.

You don’t need to wait long for epigenetic activation to take effect. In fact, according to the manufacturer of Neural Excellence, “most users report experiencing noticeable improvements within just a few days” of taking Neural Excellence for the first time.

By promoting epigenetic activation, Neural Excellence could help with memory. According to the manufacturer, epigenetic activation gives your brain a “how-to” guide explaining how to hold onto more information than usual. Even if you have a poor memory, taking Neural Excellence could promote memory formation.

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Who Created Neural Excellence? About Dr. Thomas Winslow

Neural Excellence was created by a genuine medical doctor and brain expert: a neurologist named Dr. Thomas Winslow.

Dr. Winslow has 27+ years of experience in the field of neurology. He specializes in epigenetics.

To become a neurologist, Dr. Winslow would have needed to complete a bachelor’s degree, a medical degree, and three to seven years of an internship or residency.

Dr. Winslow claims to have created Neural Excellence after his wife, Amy, a fellow medical doctor, stumbled upon a secret government database. The Department of Defense was using epigenetics on military personnel. Dr. Winslow incorporated similar epigenetic systems into Neural Excellence; the rest is history.

Neural Excellence Activates Genetic Code Within Yourself

Neural Excellence isn’t accessing hidden parts of your body but activating powers you already have within yourself.

Via epigenetic activation, Neural Excellence “activates” code already within your DNA, helping to promote powerful benefits. Here’s how Dr. Winslow and his team explain it:

“All we are doing is accessing what you already have but could not use.”

Dr. Winslow and his team attribute these effects to “dormant and powerful genes” within yourself. By using Neural Excellence daily, you can activate the instructions within these genes, helping promote powerful benefits throughout the body.

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Neural Excellence Helps You Achieve “Neural Harmony” with 3.7% Activation.

You can use other visualization techniques and brain health strategies to create a small amount of epigenetic activation.

However, to achieve true epigenetic activation, you’ll need Neural Excellence.

Neural Excellence is designed to reach the “3.7% limit” required to enter a state of “neural harmony.” If you never reach this limit, you’ll never achieve true neural harmony, limiting the program’s effects.

Dr. Winslow and his team acknowledge that Tai Chi and guided imagery meditation could help with epigenetic activation. However, these methods fall far short of the 3.7% limit required for neural harmony, limiting their effects.

Neural Excellence Traces Its Roots to Fighter Pilot Tests

Dr. Winslow claims to have discovered the science behind Neural Excellence in a secret government database.

Here’s how Dr. Winslow and his wife stumbled upon the secret government training program and used it to create Neural Excellence:

Dr. Winslow, who met his wife in medical school, claims to have discovered the science behind Neural Excellence in a secret government database.

Dr. Winslow’s wife entered the wrong part of a database and encountered a secret government training program.

As part of that training program, fighter pilots completed cognitive tests before and after a significant flight. Researchers repeatedly found pilots had average scores before the flight. After 30 minutes of flying a fighter jet, however, pilots scored much higher than average.

According to Dr. Winslow, this effect occurred because the fighter pilots’ “genes were being activated like popcorn during the training flight” because of the extreme environment. This gave them extreme problem-solving ability after the flight.

Fighter pilots work in an extreme environment. They need to make decisions at high rates of speed in stressful situations. It puts an enormous cognitive load on the brain, stimulating more parts of the brain than would generally be stimulated.

Experience Cognitive Boosts – Download Neural Excellence Today!

Dr. Winslow created Neural Excellence to stimulate similar parts of the brain without requiring you to pilot a fighter jet yourself. Instead, listen to the Neural Excellence audio file daily to experience similar improvements in cognition.

Dr. Winslow found fighter pilots reached a 9.8% epigenetic activation level associated with significant neural harmony and powerful cognitive effects. Neural Excellence can’t quite reach that level, but you can still surpass the 3.7% limit required to enter neural harmony.

What to Expect After Listening to Neural Excellence

Neural Excellence is designed to promote powerful effects quickly. According to the official website, “most users report experiencing noticeable improvements within just a few days.”

Here are some of the results you could experience after taking Neural Excellence, according to the official website:

Improve Memory: “You will see a significant improvement in your ability to remember and process information,” according to the manufacturer. This effect increases over time “as your brain adjusts to new capacity levels.” The epigenetic activation process triggers processes linked to memory formation and recall.

Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills: Neural Excellence can promote creativity and focus while helping to improve your overall problem-solving skills. Whether working in a competitive office, going to school, or just wanting to feel smarter daily, you could enhance your problem-solving skills with Neural Excellence. Dr. Winslow claims you could “generate profitable ideas” and come up with “innovative solutions to challenges,” among other benefits, after using Neural Excellence.

Eliminate the Competition: Neural Excellence can help you eliminate the competition, according to Dr. Winslow and his team. He compares it to a college basketball team facing an NBA team: it’s no competition at all, thanks to Neural Excellence. You might see your life filled with challenges today, but those challenges disappear after listening to Neural Excellence and achieving neural harmony.

Weight Loss: Neural Excellence is primarily advertised to promote brain activity. However, some people lose weight with Neural Excellence. The formula can activate dormant genes linked to your body’s metabolic processes. Those dormant genes may prevent you from losing weight, slowing your metabolism. Activating these genes today could promote powerful effects on weight loss, metabolism, and overall energy.

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Avoid Cravings: The official Neural Excellence website features the story of “Alberto,” a heavy alcohol drinker who no longer experiences alcohol cravings after listening to Neural Excellence.

Overall Health Improvements: For the same reason, Neural Excellence helps with weight loss; it can also help with overall health. The audio track activates genetic code within your body linked to metabolism and overall health.

Improve Relationships: Neural Excellence can enhance your ability to communicate with your partner. Some find they have a new outlook on relationships after listening to Neural Excellence – like a rekindled relationship with a partner or a newfound confidence approaching other singles.

Four Factors Blocking Neural Harmony

Why can’t you achieve neural harmony on your own? Why do you need to listen to Neural Excellence?

Dr. Winslow, during his research, identified four factors blocking neural harmony, including:

Blocking Factor #1: Environmental Toxins: Environmental toxins are all around us. They’re in the water, air, food, and soil. According to Dr. Winslow, these environmental toxins can negatively impact your brain, preventing you from achieving neural harmony.

Blocking Factor #2: Digital Overload: The human brain isn’t designed to handle the number of digital devices we use daily. These digital devices can disrupt brain waves, preventing you from achieving epigenetic activation.

Blocking Factor #3: Lack of Stimulation: If your brain isn’t stimulated enough daily, you’ll struggle to achieve neural harmony and epigenetic activation.

Blocking Factor #4: Negative Thought Patterns: According to Dr. Winslow, the power of positive thinking is real. Promoting positive thought patterns can help you achieve neural harmony.

How Sound Waves Trigger Epigenetic Activation

Neural Excellence is based on the idea you can use sound waves to trigger epigenetic activation.

Some people use clinical therapies, Tai Chi, meditation, and other methods to achieve epigenetic activation and enter a state of neural harmony. However, Dr. Winslow discovered a way to do it through sound waves.

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Here’s how Neural Excellence triggers neural harmony via sound wave therapy:

When you listen to sound waves at a specific frequency, they resonate with your cells at the genetic and DNA level.

Some sound waves exist at a specific frequency to trigger dormant genes. When you listen to these sound waves, you can create neural harmony via epigenetic activation.

Dr. Winslow achieved a technological breakthrough by creating soundwaves that mimic the conditions leading to epigenetic activation.

By listening to the audio files within Neural Excellence daily, you could promote powerful effects on DNA and genetics, activating the instructional codes hidden within yourself.

Just buy Neural Excellence online, listen to the audio file daily, and enjoy the powerful effects of epigenetic activation.

Neural Excellence vs. Other Methods

Some people compare Neural Excellence to guided imagery meditation, Tai Chi, and other methods.

What’s the difference between Neural Excellence and other visualization or mentalization methods? Here are some of the differences:

According to Dr. Windslow, Tai Chi and meditation, like Neural Excellence, have “been shown to trigger epigenetic activation.” However, they haven’t quite reached the 3.7% activation required to achieve “neural harmony.”

Neural Excellence, on the other hand, is specifically designed to help you reach this state of neural harmony and surpass the 3.7% activation limit.

Pulsed electromagnetic field sessions (PEMF) are based on a similar premise to Neural Excellence, but they’re expensive and require you to visit a clinic in person. Dr. Winslow admits PEMF is based on the science of epigenetic activation, but you’re unlikely to reach the “neural harmony” required to enjoy the full effects.

Neural Excellence is a one-time purchase that provides continuous benefits. You can use Neural Excellence daily for the rest of your life without spending an extra penny.

Discover Epigenetic Activation – Try Neural Excellence Now!

With Neural Excellence, you can experience the benefits anytime, anywhere. You receive a package of digital files you can use on any device – like your smartphone, tablet, computer, or anything else. There’s no need to visit a clinic or pay for expensive sessions.

Student with ADHD Uses Neural Excellence with Powerful Effects

Before sharing Neural Excellence with the world, Dr. John Winslow and his wife, Amy, tested the audio file on their son, who has ADHD and was struggling in college. They decided to play specific sound waves at specific frequencies to help him.

According to Dr. Winslow and Amy, the results of testing Neural Excellence on their son “blew us away.” Here’s what happened:

After just a few days of listening to the sound wave, Dr. Winslow and Amy saw a “real change” in their son. He could dive into his studies without being side-tracked. He was happier and more energetic. Instead of stressing about exams, he was acing them. He started to participate in extracurricular activities. Their son ultimately aced his college tests after previously struggling with performance.

Ultimately, Dr. Winslow’s son turned from a stuck and frustrated person into a thriving, successful young man thanks to Neural Excellence.

Dr. Winslow Conducts Further Tests on Friends and Family Members

Motivated by his son’s successful treatment, Dr. Winslow tested the sound waves on other friends and family members and observed dramatic improvements.

Here’s what happened when other people started listening to Neural Excellence:

Dr. Winslow’s sister, Jess, completed 8 x 1-minute therapy sessions with Neural Excellence and quickly experienced a significant improvement in cognition. She used to struggle to explain Dr. Winslow’s job to anyone, but she later described the job in great detail.

Dr. Winslow’s mother-in-law also started listening to the audio files. She became a “master chef overnight,” according to her husband. She activated a newfound ability to cook amazing foods.

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A friend named Larry wanted to take a coding class but had previously struggled to absorb the material. After listening to Neural Excellence, he aced the final test and quickly learned the coding language.

A colleague of Dr. Winslow’s used to struggle with depression to the point where he didn’t get out of bed in the morning. After listening to Neural Excellence, that coworker solved his depression: he now wakes up full of energy with a positive outlook. Another college reported a significant reduction in anxiety for the first time in a long time after listening to the soundwaves.

A friend of Amy’s dad used to struggle with insomnia before using Neural Excellence. After listening to the soundwave, he fell asleep quickly.

Dr. Winslow’s landlord tried the soundwave and “got a significant boost in creativity,” including an idea for an innovative project idea.

Another friend, Jessica, lost 12 lbs in four weeks after listening to the Neural Excellence soundwave, claiming her “belly fat was almost gone” thanks to the soundwaves.

Alberto, a heavy alcohol drinker, claims he no longer felt the urge to drink after listening to Neural Excellence.

One customer found she used to struggle with procrastination. After listening to Neural Excellence, however, she now completes tasks in a single day that used to take several weeks.

Motivated by successful trials on friends and family members, Dr. Winslow wanted to share the sound waves with the world through Neural Excellence. Today, anyone can buy Neural Excellence online to potentially enjoy similar effects.

Scientific Evidence for Neural Excellence

Neural Excellence may sound unusual, and some are skeptical of the science behind the program. Below, we’ll review the science behind Neural Excellence and epigenetic activation.

First and most importantly, Neural Excellence was created by a medical expert: a neurologist named Dr. Thomas Winslow. To become a neurologist, you typically need a bachelor’s degree, a degree from a medical school, and three to seven years of internship and residency experience, according to the American Academy of Neurology. Dr. Winslow used all of this experience to create Neural Excellence. Dr. Winslow cites 11 studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals as further proof.

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Dr. Winslow based Neural Excellence partially on the science behind pulsed electromagnetic field sessions, or PEMF. Some clinics offer PEMF sessions to soothe pain, boost mood, clear brain fog, and support overall health and wellness.

In a 2024 study, researchers found that PEMF sessions were linked to a range of cellular and biophysical effects, although they cautioned that discrepancies within studies made formal conclusions difficult. In a 2024 study, researchers found that PEMF sessions did help with pain associated with osteoarthritis.

Neural Excellence is based on the science of epigenetics. Epigenetics is a branch of biology that analyzes factors beyond the genetic code – including changes that occur to the human body without changing DNA. Dr. Winslow cites multiple studies connecting epigenetics to brain health, including:

Dr. Winslow cites a Johns Hopkins study showing that exposure to stress at an early age can “influence gene function through epigenetic mechanisms.” High stress and cortisol levels can change one’s physiology, especially at an early age.

Dr. Winslow also cites a 2024 study published in Frontiers in Microbiology, in which researchers used epigenetic activation to target fungi molecules. The researchers found that epigenetic activation led to complex physiological phenomena in fungi. The study involved electrical manipulation, not sound therapy.

Many studies on epigenetics focus on early childhood. Epigenetic researchers often study how environmental influences – like a child’s experiences – impact their genes. Growing research shows our genes aren’t “set in stone.” Instead, they can change over time.

Children exposed to stressful sounds growing up, for example, could experience genetic changes because of that sound. Their stressful situation could cause their DNA to change via epigenetic activation.

A 2020 study, for example, found that noise-induced hearing loss could lead to epigenetic changes, suggesting a connection between loud noises and DNA expression.

A separate study showed plants exposed to certain sounds could have better immunity than plants not exposed to sounds, giving them better defense against pathogens.

Reach Neural Harmony Fast – Get Neural Excellence Today!

Overall, Neural Excellence is based on a growing field of biology, and more studies are needed to verify the connection between sound therapy and DNA changes. However, Neural Excellence was developed by a genuine neurologist who tested the system on multiple friends and family members before releasing it to the public.

What’s Included with Neural Excellence?

As part of a 2024 promotion, all Neural Excellence purchases come with a bundle of digital products. You receive immediate access to the core Neural Excellence program and all bonus digital products after your purchase is confirmed.


Here’s what you get when buying Neural Excellence online today:

Core Neural Excellence Soundtrack: The core of the Neural Excellence program is a 1-minute, 12-second audio file created by Dr. Winslow to activate neural harmony via sound waves. That audio file uses proven frequencies to target and activates dormant genes, using epigenetic activation to inspire talent and skills hidden within yourself. Listen to the soundtrack daily, anytime, anywhere, to enjoy powerful effects.

Free Bonus #1: The Real Science of Getting Rich: In 1910, Wallace D. Wattles wrote a blockbuster book called The Real Science of Getting Rich. In that book, Wattles reveals some of the secret strategies you can use to attract wealth and abundance to yourself. Dr. Winslow claims some of the world’s wealthiest and best-known individuals visit his clinic for similar “get rich quick” purposes. You get immediate access to the book as an eBook.

Free Bonus #2: Free Flex Mind Formula: Flex Mind Formula contains three subliminal audio tracks to help your brain expand its flexibility. These audio files are based on similar science to the core Neural Excellence program: you listen to the audio files daily, using soundwaves to stimulate the brain. Listening to the audio files daily could promote flexibility within your mind, enhancing the effects of Neural Excellence.

Free Bonus #3: Attract Your First $1,000,000 Within 90 Days: Dr. Winslow’s friend, Robert, wrote this book because they wanted to help anyone get rich quickly. Following this book’s advice, you could earn a million dollars within the next three months – no matter your background or current situation.


Neural Excellence Pricing

Neural Excellence is exclusively available through NeuralExcellence.com. You pay a one-time fee, then get immediate access:

Neural Excellence + Digital Bonuses: $37

Dr. Winslow recommends buying Neural Excellence today to get the best price. He may switch to a subscription model in the near future. He’s received multiple offers from hedge funds and clinics to buy the program.

Neural Excellence Refund Policy

Neural Excellence has a 180-day refund policy. This means you have 180 days to try the program and decide if it works for you.

Dr. Winslow is confident the program works for anyone. He claims it doesn’t work only when people implement it the wrong way. If you tried the program and were unhappy, contact Dr. Windslow. You can even keep Neural Excellence and all digital bonuses as a reward for trying the program.

About Neural Excellence

Neural Excellence is a brain training program created by neurologist Dr. Thomas Winslow.

Dr. Winslow claims he was recently approached by a hedge fund offering to buy his company and training program. Clinics also reached out with offers to buy the program. However, he turned down all of these offers to maintain his independence. The clinics also wanted to price Neural Excellence at over $1,000 per treatment.

Today, Dr. Winslow claims to charge patients $5,000 for a 45-minute session at his clinic, so he believes Neural Excellence is a bargain at a one-time fee of $37.

You can contact Dr. Winslow and the Neural Excellence customer service team via the following:

  • Email: support@neuralexcellence.com

Final Word

Neural Excellence is a brain and body training program created by experienced neurologist Dr. Thomas Winslow.

Listening to a one-minute audio file daily allows you to use “epigenetic activation” to achieve a state of “neural harmony,” boosting your learning ability, skills, and overall talent while supporting your body and mind.

As part of a 2024 promotion, all Neural Excellence purchases include bonus audio files and eBooks. For a one-time fee of $37, you get instant, digital access to the entire digital catalog.

Visit the official website to learn more about Neural Excellence and how it works or to buy the audio file package online today.


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