I Tried Keen Psychic Readings – Here Is My Honest Review

Finding clarity and direction can be challenging in a world where uncertainty often governs our daily lives. Whether you are grappling with love and relationships, career decisions, or spiritual awakening, Keen has positioned itself as a premier destination for psychic readings since its inception nearly 25 years ago. Offering a broad range of services, including tarot readings, astrology advice, and spiritual readings, Keen connects users with fully vetted, experienced advisors available 24/7 via phone or online chat. With an impressive lineup of categories and a diverse array of advisors, Keen ensures that there is a perfect match for anyone seeking guidance.

From their customer-centric approach that guarantees 100% satisfaction to their Keen Rewards loyalty program, the platform is designed to offer not just readings but an entire supportive experience. The introductory offer of 5 minutes for $1 allows new users to explore the service with minimal commitment, making it an attractive option for those curious about what psychic readings can offer. This review will delve into Keen’s features, advantages, and overall user experience, providing a detailed insight into whether this service is worth your time and investment.

Overview of the Keen Website

Keen is a premier platform for psychic readings, providing a comprehensive range of services to individuals seeking clarity and guidance. Established nearly 25 years ago, Keen has built a reputation for trust and reliability, connecting users with experienced and fully vetted psychic advisors. The website offers a variety of reading categories, including psychic readings, love and relationships, tarot readings, psychic mediums, financial outlooks, life questions, spiritual readings, and astrology advice.

One of Keen’s standout features is its accessibility; users can connect with advisors via phone or online chat 24/7, ensuring support is available whenever needed. Keen also emphasizes confidentiality and safety, guaranteeing that all conversations remain private. For first-time users, Keen offers an attractive introductory rate of 5 minutes for $1, making it an affordable way to explore the platform’s services. Additionally, the Keen Rewards program allows users to earn loyalty points that can be redeemed for credits, special offers, and exclusive rewards.

The site boasts a satisfaction guarantee, promising to make things right if users are unsatisfied with a conversation. Keen’s user-friendly interface and extensive advisor profiles, complete with user ratings and reviews, make it easy to find the right advisor for any personal or spiritual need.

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Exploring Keen’s Standout Features

Keen has established itself as a premier destination for psychic readings, offering a variety of standout features that make it a trusted choice for spiritual guidance. Here are some of the key features that set Keen apart:

1. 24/7 Accessibility

Keen offers round-the-clock access to their advisors through phone or online chat. This ensures users can seek guidance anytime, providing convenience and immediate support.

2. Experienced Advisors

All advisors on Keen are thoroughly vetted and experienced. Categories like psychic readings, love and relationships, tarot readings, and more ensure that users find expertise tailored to their needs.

3. Confidentiality

User privacy is a top priority. Conversations between users and advisors are 100% private, ensuring a safe and confidential environment for all interactions.

4. Keen Rewards

Customers can earn loyalty points through Keen Rewards, redeemed for credits, special offers, and exclusive rewards, enhancing the user experience and providing added value.

5. Satisfaction Guarantee

Keen offers a satisfaction guarantee, promising to make it right if a user is unsatisfied with a conversation. This commitment to customer satisfaction underscores Keen’s dedication to quality service.

These features collectively make Keen a reliable and user-friendly platform for those seeking spiritual guidance.

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What Types of Readings Keen Psychics Offer

Keen Psychics is renowned for its extensive spiritual and metaphysical services, catering to diverse needs and preferences. With a history spanning nearly 25 years, Keen has guided millions through life’s uncertainties with clarity and confidence. Here’s a closer look at the various types of readings available on the platform:

Psychic Readings

Psychic readings are the cornerstone of Keen’s offerings. These sessions tap into the psychic abilities of advisors to provide insights into past, present, and future events. Clients can ask about any aspect of their lives, from personal dilemmas to broader existential questions. The readings are conducted through various methods, including clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, ensuring a personalized experience.

Love & Relationships

Specializing in matters of the heart, love and relationship readings are among the most sought-after services on Keen. Advisors help clients navigate the complexities of romantic relationships, offering guidance on compatibility, breakups, and finding true love. These readings provide clarity and direction, assisting individuals to make informed decisions about their love lives.

Life Path & Advice

Life paths and advice readings are invaluable for those seeking direction in their personal or professional lives. These sessions focus on helping clients understand their life’s purpose, identify their strengths, and overcome obstacles. Whether about career choices, personal growth, or major life transitions, Keen’s advisors offer tailored advice to guide individuals on their unique journeys.

Psychic Mediums

Psychic mediums on Keen facilitate communication with deceased loved ones, providing comfort and closure to those grieving. These readings are deeply personal and can help clients receive messages from the other side, offering reassurance and a sense of connection. Mediumship readings often bring emotional healing and a greater understanding of the afterlife.

Spiritual Readings

Spiritual readings delve into the client’s spiritual journey and growth. Advisors offer insights into spiritual blockages, past life influences, and the client’s spiritual path. These readings are designed to help individuals align with their higher selves and achieve spiritual enlightenment, fostering a deeper connection with their inner being and the universe.

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot card readings are a popular service on Keen, utilizing the ancient practice of tarot to provide insights and guidance. When drawn in a reading, each card in the deck holds specific meanings and can reveal significant information about the client’s current situation and future possibilities. Tarot readings are versatile and can address various questions and concerns.

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Astrology Readings

Astrology readings on Keen interpret the positions and movements of celestial bodies to provide insights into a client’s personality, life events, and future trends. Astrologers create detailed birth charts based on the client’s date, time, and place of birth, offering a comprehensive look at their astrological influences. These readings can cover various aspects of life, including career, relationships, and personal growth.

Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation readings help clients understand the meanings and messages behind their dreams. Advisors analyze symbols, themes, and emotions present in dreams to uncover subconscious thoughts and insights. These readings can clarify unresolved issues, hidden fears, and potential future events, helping clients make sense of their dream experiences.

Financial Guidance

For those facing financial uncertainties, Keen offers financial guidance readings. Advisors use their psychic abilities to provide insights into money matters, including investments, career growth, and economic stability. These readings aim to help clients make informed financial decisions and achieve prosperity.

Cartomancy Readings

Cartomancy readings utilize a standard deck of playing cards to predict future events and provide guidance. When drawn in a reading, each card corresponds to specific meanings and can offer insights into various aspects of the client’s life. Cartomancy is a traditional form of divination that remains popular for its simplicity and accuracy.

Angel Readings

Angel readings involve communication with angelic beings to receive guidance and messages. Advisors connect with angels to provide clients with loving and supportive advice, often focusing on healing and spiritual growth. These readings are comforting and uplifting, offering a sense of divine presence and protection.

Aura Cleansing

Aura cleansing readings focus on clearing negative energies from a client’s aura, promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Advisors use various techniques to identify and remove blockages, ensuring a balanced and harmonious energy field. Aura cleansing can lead to improved health, increased vitality, and a positive outlook on life.

Intimacy Coaching

Intimacy coaching readings address issues related to emotional and physical intimacy. Advisors help clients improve their intimate relationships by offering guidance through communication, trust, and emotional connection. These sessions aim to enhance the quality of intimate relationships, fostering more profound and fulfilling connections.

Keen Psychics offers various readings to cater to its clients’ varied needs. Whether seeking clarity on love, career, spiritual growth, or personal well-being, Keen provides expert guidance to help individuals navigate their life’s journey with confidence and insight.

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Finding the Right Psychic to Connect with You

Choosing the right psychic to connect with can be a transformative experience, providing clarity and guidance in various aspects of life. With numerous advisors available, selecting one that aligns with your needs and energy is essential. Here are vital steps to help you find the right psychic:

Identify Your Needs

Before seeking a psychic, determine where you need guidance, such as love, career, or spiritual growth. Keen offers specialists in various fields, including love and relationships, financial outlook, and life questions. Knowing your focus helps narrow down the options.

Research and Reviews

Examine the profiles and reviews of potential psychics. Experienced advisors like Miss Hollywood 1988 and My Sweet Psychic have thousands of readings and high ratings, indicating reliability and trustworthiness. Detailed reviews can give insights into their reading style and accuracy.

Trial Sessions

Keen offers introductory offers, like 5 minutes for $1, allowing you to try different advisors without a significant financial commitment. This helps you assess compatibility and communication style.

Trust Your Intuition

Ultimately, trust your intuition. A psychic connection should feel comfortable and natural. If an advisor resonates with you, they can provide your guidance.

Following these steps, you can find a psychic on Keen that aligns perfectly with your needs, ensuring a fulfilling and insightful experience.

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Pros and Cons of Keen

Keen is a leading platform for psychic readings, offering various spiritual services to help individuals find clarity and guidance. With nearly 25 years in the industry, Keen has amassed a significant user base and a reputation for trustworthiness. However, like any service, it has its strengths and weaknesses. Below is an analysis of the pros and cons of using Keen.


1. Wide Range of Services

Keen provides various services, including psychic readings, tarot readings, astrology advice, and spiritual readings. This variety ensures that users can find the specific guidance they seek.

2. Experienced Advisors

One of Keen’s standout features is its experienced and vetted advisors roster. For instance, advisors like Miss Hollywood 1988 and Silvana Leone have conducted thousands of readings for years, demonstrating high expertise and reliability.

3. Accessibility

Keen offers 24/7 access to its advisors through both phone and online chat. This round-the-clock availability makes it convenient for users to get the help they need at any time of the day or night, regardless of location.

4. Confidentiality

Privacy is a significant concern for many users seeking psychic advice. Keen ensures that all conversations are 100% private, offering a safe space for individuals to discuss their issues.

5. Satisfaction Guarantee

Keen offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If a user is ever unsatisfied with a conversation, Keen promises to make it right, which adds an extra layer of trust and reliability for its users.

6. Keen Rewards

The Keen Rewards program allows users to earn loyalty points that can be redeemed for Keen credits, special offers, and exclusive rewards. This program adds additional value for regular users of the platform.

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1. Cost

While Keen offers an attractive new customer offer of five minutes for $1, regular rates can be pretty high. For example, some advisors charge up to $8.99 per minute, which can quickly add up, making it expensive for frequent users.

2. Variable Quality

Despite Keen’s vetting process, the quality of readings can still vary significantly between advisors. While some users may have excellent experiences, others might find their sessions less insightful or helpful.

3. Dependence on Technology

Keen’s services depend entirely on phone and online chat, which can disadvantage individuals who prefer face-to-face interactions. Additionally, technical issues such as poor internet connectivity can disrupt sessions.

4. Emotional Dependency

There is a risk that some users might become overly dependent on psychic readings for making decisions, which can lead to a lack of personal empowerment and critical thinking.

5. Limited Refund Policy

While Keen offers a satisfaction guarantee, obtaining a refund or resolving issues can sometimes be cumbersome, depending on the nature of the complaint.

In conclusion, Keen offers a robust platform with a wide range of services and experienced advisors, making it a valuable resource for those seeking psychic guidance. However, potential users should be mindful of the costs, service quality variability, and emotional dependency risk.

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What to Do if Your Preferred Advisor Isn’t Available

Finding your preferred advisor unavailable can be disappointing, but there are several steps you can take to ensure you still receive the guidance you need. Here are some strategies to consider:

1. Explore Other Advisors

Keen offers a wide range of experienced advisors specializing in various fields, such as love and relationships, financial outlook, and spiritual readings. Take this opportunity to explore other advisors who might offer a fresh perspective on your concerns.

2. Use the “Get Matched” Feature

Keen’s “Get Matched” feature can help you find an advisor tailored to your needs. Keen will recommend advisors best suited for your situation by answering a few questions, ensuring you receive personalized guidance.

3. Schedule a Future Session

If you’re set on speaking with your preferred advisor, consider scheduling a future session. Many advisors offer the option to book appointments, allowing you to secure a spot at a later time that suits both of you.

4. Check Back Frequently

Advisors’ availability can change throughout the day. Regularly checking Keen’s platform increases your chances of catching your preferred advisor when they become available.

5. Leverage Keen Rewards

Utilize Keen Rewards to earn loyalty points, which can be redeemed for credits and special offers. This can make trying a new advisor more cost-effective while you wait for your preferred one to come online.

By exploring these options, you can still receive the valuable insights you seek, even when your preferred advisor isn’t available.

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Keen – How Much Will It Cost?

Keen is a premier online platform offering psychic readings, providing services for nearly 25 years. It connects users with experienced and fully vetted psychic advisors specializing in various categories, such as love and relationships, tarot readings, psychic mediums, financial outlook, life questions, spiritual readings, and astrology advice.

One of Keen’s standout features is its flexible pricing model, which caters to different budgets. New customers are greeted with a special offer of 5 minutes for $1, allowing them to explore the platform and find a suitable advisor without a significant financial commitment. Following the introductory offer, the cost of a session varies depending on the advisor’s experience and specialization.

For example, Miss Hollywood1988, with over 11,726 readings since 2015, charges $5.99 per minute, while My Sweet Psychic, with 7,286 readings since 2001, charges $8.88 per minute. More affordable options, such as Mysticalise, are also available, which charges $3.77 per minute. High-demand advisors like Silvana Leone, with 36,910 readings, charge $8.99 per minute.

Moreover, Keen offers a loyalty program called Keen Rewards, where users can earn points towards Keen credits, special offers, and exclusive rewards, making psychic consultations even more affordable.

Keen User Experiences

Keen.com has been a beacon of clarity for many individuals seeking guidance in various aspects of their lives. Below are three testimonials highlighting users’ diverse and positive experiences with Keen’s psychic advisors.

Emily R. from New York, NY

“I was at a crossroads in my career and felt lost. A session with Mysticalise changed everything. Her clairvoyant insights opened my eyes to new possibilities, and I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. The advice was spot-on, and I’m now on a path that feels right for me.”

Michael T. from Austin, TX

“My Sweet Psychic provided me with profound insights into my relationship. I was struggling with understanding my partner’s feelings and intentions. Her empathetic and intuitive reading gave me the clarity I needed to make informed decisions. I can’t express how grateful I am for her guidance.”

Sarah L. from San Francisco, CA

“I reached out to Sparkleann during a tough time after losing a loved one. Her medium abilities were astounding and brought me comfort and peace. I felt a genuine connection and received messages that truly resonated with me. Sparkleann’s reading was a pivotal moment in my healing process.”

These testimonials reflect the transformative impact that Keen’s advisors have had on their clients, providing clarity, comfort, and direction in times of need.


Keen has established itself as a trusted and reliable platform for psychic readings. With nearly 25 years of expertise in guiding individuals through their spiritual journeys, the platform offers diverse services, including love and relationship advice, tarot readings, psychic mediums, and astrology insights, ensuring something for everyone. Keen’s commitment to confidentiality and safety, along with its stringent vetting process for advisors, provides peace of mind to users.

The user-friendly interface and the flexibility of connecting via phone or online chat make it accessible and convenient. Introducing Keen Rewards adds value to the customer experience, fostering loyalty and offering incentives for continued use. Furthermore, the satisfaction guarantee underscores Keen’s dedication to quality service and customer satisfaction.

Customer testimonials highlight the positive impact Keen advisors have had on their lives. They offer clarity and direction, from personal relationships to financial decisions. Whether you are seeking immediate answers or long-term guidance, Keen’s experienced and empathetic advisors are equipped to provide insightful and meaningful readings. Keen is commendable for those embarking on a spiritual awakening or needing guidance.

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