Rec basketcall results

Simpson Ave Grill 98, Tim’s Local and Long Haul Moving 72: Jeff Wayman 24 points for Simpson Ave Grill. Ryan Freeman 22 points for Tim’s.

Those Guys 83, Pitchwood 77: Tyson Henson 24 points for Those Guys. Jake Lundy 22 for Pitchwood.

Oly Pen 94, Precision Pipe 58: Brady Anderson 37 points for Oly Pen. Conner Weber 20 points for Precision Pipe.

Tim’s Local and Long Haul Moving 60, Precision Pipe 47: Brady Anderson 37 points . Ryan Freeman 18 points for Tim’s Local and Long Haul. Austin Baker 9 points for Precision Pipe.

Oly Pen 62, Pitchwood 57: Chris McClain 16 for Oly Pen. Kaley Hanson 14 for Pitchwood.

Simpson Ave Grill 71, Those Guys 61: Chad Currier 20 points for Simpson Ave Grill. Nick Clark 13 points for Those Guys.

Wildcats 66, Lucky Dog Guide Service 61: Dan Sobrera 15 points for Wildcats. Travis Pence 25 points for Lucky Dog Guide Service.

The Coffee Shop 53, Elma Mini Storage HOOPS 41: Sean Sexton 14 points for The Coffee Shop. Sean McNealley 14 points for Elma Mini Storage HOOPS.

N.W.O. 39, Pit Crew 34. Rich Charley 11 points for N.W.O. Blake Sackrider 8 for Pit Crew.

Lucky Dog Guide Service 67, Pit Crew 33: Chris Mattoon 24 points for Lucky Dog Guide Service. Justin Spencer 11 points for Pit Crew.

Westport Shipyard LLC 57, Foggy’s Bar and Grill 24. Colin Peek 16 points for Westport Shipyard LLC. Tim McLaughlin 10 points for Foggy’s Bar and Grill.

Five Star Dealership 50, Shipyard #2 39. Aaron Black 15 points; Craig Yakovich 11 for Five Star Dealerships. Jason McBride 9 points for Shipyard #2.