Fishing Corner: Upcoming lake opener is surrounded with uncertainty

  • Mon Apr 20th, 2020 3:30pm
  • Sports
Fishing Corner: Upcoming lake opener is surrounded with uncertainty

By Larry Dublanko

We are literally in uncharted waters when it comes to the fishing scene both locally and statewide. The current directive from Gov. Inslee regarding the coronavirus issues, to “stay home-stay healthy” is in place and impacting the world of sport fishing in a big way.

The next upcoming lake opener is surrounded with uncertainty at this time. However, we know the Kids Poggie Derby scheduled for Lake Aberdeen has been cancelled. In the past, this derby was held a week prior to the lake opener at Failor Lake. In 2020, the club decided to move the derby to Lake Aberdeen as opposed to Failor Lake. Due to concerns over the number of COVID-19 cases in the state of Washington prompted the organizers of this event to cancel for this year.

Obviously, all the youth events for spring break have also been set aside. However, there has been a trout plant plan in place for both Grays Harbor and Willapa well ahead of this COVID-19 virus situation.

When the lakes actually do open, they should be well stocked with lake trout in various sizes. This being said, the Grays Harbor staff at Lake Aberdeen, Humptulips and Satsop Springs plus the Willapa trout programs at Fork Creek and Newah hatcheries were considered essential; and therefore, they are staffed and operational.

The field projects have been put on hold; but, when given the green light, they should have some nice trout to introduce into area lakes.

In a perfect world, the lake plants will continue for both Grays Harbor County and Pacific County. Catchable rainbows will be released at the appropriate time in conjuction with statewide directives.

An overview of plant numbers is as follows. Of course, the actual plant dates are still in question; but, these are the total numbers allotted to area lakes.

Duck Lake obtains 5,500 trout in total. Failor Lake is given 5,620 rainbows. Lake Aberdeen is scheduled to receive the greatest number of fish at 8,150. Lake Sylvia is obtaining 6,100 fish; however, since it is a year-round lake, I would be surprised if more fish weren’t added over holiday weekends to offset the camping crowds as the need arise.

Further east, Vance Creek Pond #1 (Bowers Lake) obtains 3,350 trout and Vance Creek Pond #2 (Lake Inez) will receive 2,700 catchable rainbows. The resurrected Mill Creek Pond in Cosmopolis is scheduled for 1,050 trout.

Within Pacific County, there are several lakes and a decent plant is in the works for this area. Cases Pond obtains 3,410 fish and South Bend Mill Ponds gets 600 fish. Snag Lake and Western Lake each will be planted with 5,210 trout. The largest plant in Pacific County goes to Black Lake with 15,670 fish in total. The Loomis Lake plant number is 2,000.

So, even though, there is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding this lake opener, there is assurance it will happen at some point in time. When that time comes, be assured there will be fish to be caught.