Aberdeen’s Austin Kerrigan drove his AK47 Super Stock race car to a feature win on Saturday at Grays Harbor Raceway in Elma. (Photo by AR Racing Videos)

Aberdeen’s Austin Kerrigan drove his AK47 Super Stock race car to a feature win on Saturday at Grays Harbor Raceway in Elma. (Photo by AR Racing Videos)

Busy day as five classes compete at Grays Harbor Raceway

  • Tue Aug 4th, 2020 3:30pm
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Five classes of cars took to the 3/8 banked clay oval during a busy Saturday of racing at Grays Harbor Raceway in Elma.

Super Stocks

The 20-lap Super Stocks feature saw Jack Parshall of Hoquiam take the early lead. Jeff Marson of Mollala, Oregon, ran in the second spot.

The top three of Parshall, Jeff Marson and Matt White of Hoquiam distanced themselves from the pack until the yellow flag flew on lap 3 for Shelton’s Tim Martin. On the restart, Parshall led the field to the green as the battle for second between White, Marson and Montesano’s Scott Fritts was the race to watch. White moved into second, as Fritts worked on Marson for third.

Parshall saw trouble on lap 6, spinning in turn four while leading.

White inherited the lead, bringing the field to the green flag.

Aberdeen’s Zack Simpson joined in on the battle, bringing Austin Kerrigan of Aberdeen, making for an exciting battle in the top five.

Kerrigan moved into third, looking to take the top spot on a mid-race restart. He then took the lead in turn three, with White, Fritts and Jeff Marson behind him.

Contact between Fritts and White brought out the caution on lap 10. Austin Kerrigan led his father, Shane Kerrigan of Aberdeen, Simpson and Marson to the green flag.

Simpson looked to the low side for second on Shane Kerrigan but couldn’t make the pass.

A long green-flag run saw Austin Kerrigan work his way through lap traffic. Shane Kerrigan looked for a last lap pass, but it was his son Austin picking up the win over Shane Kerrigan, Simpson, Parshall and Jeff Marson.

Dwarf Cars A-Main

Erin Morgenstern of Roseburg, Oregon, led the field to the green flag in the 25-lap feature. It was Chris Kress of Roseburg, Oregon, striking first taking the lead in turn two. Jake VanOrtwick of Scappoose, Oregon, looked to work his way into second. Mollala, Oregon’s Henry Corbin III and Justin DeMars of Sandy, Oregon, worked their way by VanOrtwick, and Morgenstern to take over second and third. Corbin III wasted no time racing side by side with Kress for the lead. Corbin III was successful with the pass out of turn four early in the feature. Corbin III put slight distance between himself and the battle for second between Kress and DeMars. Kress saw a few small mistakes by Corbin III and was back up in the battle for the lead racing side by side for a handful of laps. Behind the top three was VanOrtwick, waiting to make his move. VanOrtwick looked low and made his way into third. Shawn Dorie of Scappose, Ore worked his way into the top five as Kress slipped back to fourth. DeMars took the lead momentarily, but a hard charging VanOrtwick raced side by side for a handful of laps, taking the lead and the checkered flag. DeMars, Dorie, Steve Walker, and Dave Brune of Boring, Oregon, rounded out the top five. Heat race winners were Brune, Corbin III, VanOrtwick and Walker.

Limited Sprint Cars

Bert Johnson of Graham and Camano Island’s Kyle Secord set the front row of the feature event.

Secord took the lead for a moment until Johnson took the top spot.

Sean Johnson of Snohomish moved into the second spot as Buckley’s Colby Thornhill worked his way into third.

The caution flag flew for Secord on lap 3 after contact with the turn four wall. On the restart, Thornhill went from third to first in one corner, taking the lead from Bert Johnson out of turn two as Sean Johnson moved into second.

Thornhill continued to stretch his lead on Sean Johnson, but the caution flag flew for Cejay Adkins of Bellevue, losing a left rear wheel and coming to a stop on the front stretch on lap 13. Thornhill continued to lead as Jordi Meese worked his way into third, getting by Bert Johnson. Thornhill picked up the win over Sean Johnson, Meese, Bert Johnson and Adkins.


Gearing up for the big West Coast Modified Clash on Aug. 8, Olympia driver Tyson Blood and Scott Miller of Shelton led the field to the green flag. Miller took the early lead with Blood right at his back bumper.

Shelton’s Devan West ran in the third spot as Cosmopolis driver Tom Sweatman looked to work his way into third.

West ran the high side of the raceway looking to catch Blood for second, as Blood drove the low side, waiting for any mistake by Miller. Blood looked low a handful of times in turn one to take over the lead, but couldn’t make the pass.

The caution flag flew on lap 9 for debris in turn one. On the restart, West looked to the high side and worked his way into second, setting his sights on Miller for the lead. West was successful going into turn three as Blood looked to the low groove, getting by Miller for second.

The racing action was exciting between West, Blood and Miller, with Sweatman staying within striking distance of any mistake.

Blood looked low in turn four on lap 14 to take the lead and was successful taking over the top spot.

Blood picked up the win over West, Miller, Sweatman and Dan Sheller.


Woodland’s Don Briggs Jr. and Ryker Walker of Centralia set the front row of the 15-lap feature event.

Just as the green flag flew, the yellow flag was out as Briggs Jr. saw issues with the hood of his truck, coming unlatched and blocking his vision.

Max Tucker of Belfair took the lead on the restart, with Walker and Kaleya Onasch of Aberdeen in third. Onasch moved into second as Aberdeen’s Cory Sweatman moved into third.

Tucker, Onasch and Sweatman was right within a few car lengths of each other as Sweatman looked low in turn four to take second after Onasch moved out of the top five.

Sweatman took over the lead on lap 5 down the backstretch, but the caution flag flew for Tyler Sundstrom of Hoquiam in turn four.

Tucker took back the lead as Sweatman and Olympia driver Zach Dalrymple ran third.

Don Briggs Sr. of Wishkah worked his way into the top five, getting by Walker for the fourth spot.

Briggs Jr. worked his way into fifth after the incident at the beginning of the feature.

Sweatman looked to the high side in turn four, taking the lead on lap 8.

Briggs Sr. worked his way into second getting by Tucker on the high side going into turn three.

Sweatman continued his hot streak of feature wins, taking the checkered flag over Briggs Sr., Briggs Jr., Tucker and Dalrymple.

Grays Harbor Raceway Results

Aug. 1, 2020

PHRA Dwarf Cars

Heat 1: 1. 54o Dave Brune, 2. 98 Erin Morgenstern, 3. 43 Tanner Curr, 4. 69 Tyler Howard, 5. 333 Jason Fike

Heat 2: 1. 89Z Henry Corbin III, 2. 6 Chris Kress, 3. 3K Jim Fischer, 4. 00 Jim Pavel, 5. 25X Mark Terry

Heat 3: 1. 53o Jake VanOrtwick, 2. 17X Crystal Flath, 3. 8 William Wolfe, 4. 00X Doug Pirtle

Heat 4: 1. 13s Steve Walker, 2. 24 Justin DeMars, 3. D4 Shawn Dorie, 4. 90Z Henry Corbin II

A-Main: 1. VanOrtwick, 2. DeMars, 3. Dorie, 4. Walker, 5. Brune, 6. Kress, 7. Morgenstern, 8. Flath, 9. Fischer, 10. Corbin II, 11. Corbin III, 12. Pavel, 13. Wolfe, 14. Curr, 15. Howard, 16. Terry, 17. Pirtle

Limited Sprints

Fast Time: 19 Colby Thornhill – 13.415

Heat Race: 1. 24 Jordi Meese, 2. 19 Colby Thornhill, 3. 14 Sean Johnson, 4. 10X Kyle Secord, 5. 9J Bert Johnson, 6. 8 Cejay Adkins

A-Main: 1. Thornhill, 2. Sean Johnson, 3. Meese, 4. Bert Johnson, 5. Adkins, 6. Secord

Super Stocks

Heat 1: 1. 43K Shane Kerrigan, 2. 9 Jack Parshall, 3. 31B Jeff Marson, 4. 13Y Jesse Yankee, 5. 13K Terry King, 6. 42 Scott Fritts, 7. 914 Tanner Bridges, 8. 35 Brad Korpela, 9. 5B Chuck Goodman, 10. 11 Daryl Brumfield

Heat 2: 1. AK47 Austin Kerrigan, 2. 12 Zack Simpson, 3. 00 Kirk McGinnis, 4. 23B Matt White, 5. M51 Tim Martin, 6. 714 Keith Marson, 7. 62 Richard Davies, 8. M57 Mike Mann, 9. 55 Samantha Stevens

A-Main: 1. Austin Kerrigan, 2. Shane Kerrigan, 3. Simpson, 4. Parshall, 5. Jeff Marson, 6. Fritts, 7. Yankee, 8. White, 9. Martin, 10. Korpela, 11. McGinnis, 12. Bridges, 13. Stevens, 14. Davies, 15. Brumfield, 16. Goodman, 17. King, 18. Keith Marson


Heat 1: 1. 1s Cory Sweatman, 2. 0 Zach Dalrymple, 3. 16 Kris Fisher, 4. 81 Meghan White, 5. 713 Don Briggs Jr. 6. 024 Josh Walker

Heat 2: 1. 23 Tyler Sundstrom, 2. 22s Kaleya Onasch, 3. 13XXX Don Briggs Sr., 4. 99 Max Tucker, 5. K-2 Ryker Walker, 6. 45 Josh Tompson

A-Main: 1. Sweatman, 2. Briggs Sr., 3. Briggs Jr. 4. Tucker, 5. Dalrymple, 6. Ryker Walker, 7. Josh Walker, 8. Thompson, 9. Fisher, 10. White, 11. Onasch, 12. Sundstrom


Heat 1: 1. 97 Tyson Blood, 2. 11 Tom Sweatman, 3. 4D4 Brice Carter, 4. 18X Sam Carlisle, 5. 98 Dan Kinnaman

Heat 2: 1. 26 Scott Miller, 2. 5W Devan West, 3. 98D Dan Sheller, 4. 34T Jason Tole, 5. 19 Mason Dineen, 6. 86 Dave Howard

A-Main: 1. Blood, 2. West, 3. Miller, 4. Sweatman, 5. Sheller, 6. Carter, 7. Carlisle, 8. Tole, 9. Dineen, 10. Kinnaman


Tanner Bridges (914) competes with Tim Martin during a Super Stocks race on Saturday at Grays Harbor Raceway. (Photo by AR Racing Videos)

Tanner Bridges (914) competes with Tim Martin during a Super Stocks race on Saturday at Grays Harbor Raceway. (Photo by AR Racing Videos)