The Fishing Corner: Plenty of options for anglers in October

It sure feels like salmon fishing in every way. We now find ourselves well into the month of October when these fish are occupying local rivers and pursuing the spawning urge.

The weather is turning and giving us cooler temperatures including both in the outdoors and water temperatures. This results in falling leaves which also occupy the rivers and become a nuisance when trying to work a lure. Any rain we have had has helped the salmon migration somewhat; but, anglers know that the serious rain which comes for days will create a new and different fishing situation.

Many anglers have anxiously been waiting for the Oct. 1 opener. Vacation and work schedules have been modified to provide for this fishery; or, the soon to come deer hunting season. Of course, the recent news of a mid-October clam dig really adds options to the list of things to do this month. Outdoor people have many activities to choose from and some how make room for amid other events.

Anyone can attest to the fact that the work really begins after the catch is made. In terms of salmon fishing, it means preparing the fish by either freezing or smoking salmon. Then, there is the task of preserving the eggs if females are caught.

These are valuable resources for further fishing outings. Then again, if a deer is bagged, there is time and work involved to put the meat up. Of course, cleaning clams doesn’t just happen. Someone has to take the time to deal with razor clams in a way that serves the harvestor right away or at a later date.

The month of October can be one busy time for any outdoors person. At least, we can get favorable weather before the monsoons arrive although there is a sense that things are starting to change in that direction soon.

The biggest push in regards to inland salmon fishing locally has been on the Chehalis River and Humptulips River. The smaller streams have gotten some attention; however, the larger rivers are picking up most of the focus from anglers.

Our northern rivers have gained the attention of fishers earlier in the season. They are good producers of salmon and will remain on the radar of anglers throughout the season.

This is also the time when non-anglers, if they are observant, can see a variety of fishing vessels parading through town and mysteriously disappear at a boat launch. This traffic can help boost the local economy in everything from fuel, to food and fishing supplies. It is amazing how much money is spent to support the interest of the outdoors.

So, fall has definitely arrived and with it comes a whole new set of interests much different than those of the summer months. For some, this is their most favorite season of the year. It is definitely at the top of the list for people who love to fish, hunt, beach comb or simply take walks in the crisp fall air.

When it comes to fishing, this is a time to get serious about catching big fish.