Vita Fungus Reviews: Does It Work? What They Won’t Say About VitaFungus!

Vita Fungus is a nutritional supplement and liquid formula that claims to permanently eliminate toenail fungus.

Developed by a medical doctor named John Cooper, Vita Fungus contains a blend of natural ingredients to support your body’s natural defense against the bacteria that cause toenail fungus.

Does Vita Fungus really work? How does Vita Fungus work? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Vita Fungus today in our review.

What is Vita Fungus?

Vita Fungus is a toenail fungus supplement available exclusively online through VitaFungus.com.

According to Vita Fungus creator John Cooper, the supplement is based on a treatment method he developed for his “A-list celebrity clients.”

John claims to have permanently relieved toenail fungus in his A-list celebrity clients using a blend of natural ingredients. Now, he wants to deliver similar help with Vita Fungus.

Vita Fungus comes in two versions, including:

The Vita Fungus liquid formula, which contains a blend of essential oils and is applied directly to the toenail fungus. You use the included applicator brush to apply the Vita Fungus liquid formula to your toenails after a shower or foot soak.

The Vita Fungus oral supplement, which comes in a capsule. You take one capsule daily to support your body’s natural defense against toenail fungus from the inside out.

Vita Fungus is priced at $69 per bottle and backed by a 60 day moneyback guarantee.

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Vita Fungus Benefits

According to VitaFungus.com, John Cooper’s fungus removal system provides benefits like:

  • Enjoy clear, fungus-free skin for the rest of your life
  • Never worry about flaky skin or itchy, fungus-ridden toenails again
  • Eliminate the unpleasant scent associated with toenail fungus
  • Eliminate fungus without medication
  • Natural ingredients you may already have in your kitchen pantry
  • Backed by 60 day moneyback guarantee

How Does Vita Fungus Work?

According to John Cooper and VitaFungus.com, John’s fungus removal method has helped over 86,000 people permanently clear away nail fungus.

John developed the fungus removal method working with celebrities and athletes at his Los Angeles-area clinic. Athletes and celebrities can’t afford to get long-lasting fungus infections, which is why they work with fungus experts like John Cooper instead.

With Vita Fungus, John has developed a 7-second “trick” anyone can use at home to “restore perfect healthy pink toenails tomorrow.” Just take capsules of Vita Fungus daily to support your body’s natural cleansing processes from the inside out.

The removal method involves:

Applying Vita Fungus’s liquid formula directly to your toenails, letting active ingredients like tea tree oil, undecylenic acid, and other ingredients go to work against the fungal infections.

Taking one capsule of Vita Fungus daily to support your body’s natural defenses from the inside out, complementing the effects of the Vita Fungus liquid formula.

According to John Cooper, the medical doctor who created Vita Fungus, the formula can be more effective than conventional toenail fungus medications because it targets the root cause of fungal infections, preventing fungus from ever coming back.

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Who is John Cooper?

Vita Fungus was created by John Cooper, who also periodically refers to himself as Michael Cooper.

John describes himself as a “world leading fungus expert.” However, he’s also a former sufferer of toenail fungus. John used to experience devastating toenail fungus infections until he discovered a unique, alternative treatment.

John appears to be a doctor. He claims to have studied, trained, and specialized as an MD, focusing specifically on fungal infections. He also claims to have worked for some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. He refers to himself as a doctor on VitaFungus.com, claiming he struggled to source ingredients for Vita Fungus “as a doctor,” which means it must be extra difficult for the ordinary public to source those same ingredients.

John also claims to have a notable presence on YouTube, where his health guides have amassed over 20 million views. However, John claims big pharmaceutical companies restricted his channel after he revealed the truth about treating fungus.

Today, anyone can access John’s treatment in the form of Vita Fungus.

Vita Fungus vs. Tinactin and Lamisil

Typically, doctors recommend treating toenail fungus infections with Tinactin, Lamisil, and other medication. In fact, doctors claim you can only permanently relieve fungus infections with these medications.

However, John seems to advise against taking these medications because they’re linked to allergic reactions, breathing problems, and liver problems.

In fact, John describes Tinactin and Lamisil as “poison pills” because of their negative effects on health. He also disliked their effectiveness, claiming they took too long to work. He claims “at least 1 in 5 people” experience severe side effects from other toenail fungus medication, ranging from dizziness to clammy skin to unconsciousness.

Lamisil “only has a 1 in 3 chance of working,” according to John. Even when it did work, the fungus would likely come back in the near future. In fact, John claims you’re more likely to experience liver failure with Lamisil than a clear toenail.

Instead of taking Lamisil, Tinactin, and other toenail fungus medication, John recommends taking Vita Fungus to cleanse your fungus problem from the inside out.

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Vita Fungus Targets the Root Cause of Fungus

After being disappointed by the results of Lamisil and Tinactin, John wanted to develop an alternative toenail fungus solution. He started to research toenail fungus cures from around the world, and he developed Vita Fungus based on what he discovered.

Overall, John developed Vita Fungus to target the root cause of fungal infections. Here’s how he did it:

Lamisil, Tinactin, and other toenail fungus medication works only on the outer layers of the toenail. You apply the solution to the outer layers, but it doesn’t penetrate beyond that.

Unfortunately, toenail fungus is hidden many layers deep on your nail. If you simply apply medication to the nail, that medication never penetrates to the deeper layers where the fungus actually lies.

However, even if you took off the toenail, you wouldn’t be able to scrub it away. It’s not about clearing fungus from each layer of your toenail; instead, it’s about cleansing fungus from inside your body, giving you permanent relief.

After applying medication or getting a professional toenail cleaning, your nail may look temporarily better. However, the fungus infection is still present, and it will inevitably come back.

John Cooper claims medication can actually make toenail fungus worse: the toenail fungus medication kills the weakest bacteria, leaving the strongest bacteria behind to repopulate the area. You might temporarily cleanse toenail fungus, only to have that fungus keep coming back.

Vita Fungus works from the inside out – not the outside in. You take Vita Fungus daily as part of a “Filipino shower hack” ritual. By taking Vita Fungus daily, you can permanently cleanse the fungus from your body, according to John and VitaFungus.com.

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3 Secrets About Toenail Fungus

John Cooper claims his YouTube channel was deactivated because he kept sharing controversial health secrets online.

Fortunately, those health secrets remain up at VitaFungus.com, where John has shared three surprising secrets about toenail fungus and how it works:

Toenail Fungus Secret #1: If You’re Over Age 40, Fungal Infections Could Compromise Your Immune System: Fungus has the ability to mutate white blood cells, which is why it can negatively impact immunity. In fact, John compares fungus infections to HIV/AIDS, one of the worst autoimmune disorders on the planet. When you have a fungal infection, your immune system attacks your body, making you more susceptible to other diseases and illnesses.

Toenail Fungus Secret #2: Toenail Fungus Puts You at Risk of Onychomadesis, Affecting Nail Regrowth: Over time, fungus eats away at a protein called keratin. Your body needs keratin to regrow nails. As the fungus eats keratin, it eventually makes it impossible for your toenails to grow, leading to a condition called onychomadesis. Some people with chronic fungus infections eventually need a matrixectomy.

Toenail Fungus Secret #3: Fungal Infections Are Particularly Dangerous for Those with High Blood Pressure or Diabetes: Fungal infections can spread to your skin and cause cellulitis. When you have cellulitis, you may need antibiotics to treat the problem. Otherwise, you could die. According to John, cellulitis is particularly dangerous for those with diabetes or high blood pressure.

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What is the 7-Minute Filipino Shower Hack?

John Cooper developed Vita Fungus based on a ritual he calls the 7-minute Filipino shower hack.

Here’s how that shower hack works:

The shower hack targets the real root cause of recurring fungal infections: fungal resistance. The more antibiotics you use, and the more medication you apply to your nail, the stronger you’re making fungal bacteria, which is why infections continue to occur.

The routine makes sure not only the surface fungus is removed, but also the roots. Instead of just making the nail look better at the surface level

The routine prevents the spores of the fungus from spreading all over the place and lurking about, waiting for the right moment to reinfect you.

It also reprograms the immune system of your skin, teaching your skin how to fight back against fungal infections in the future.

It works without you needing to spend hours soaking your feet each day.

So how does the Filipino shower hack work? Here’s the specific steps required:

Step 1) Take a long, hot shower. Spend more than three minutes showering.

Step 2) Ensure your feet and other affected areas stay soaked for the duration of your shower. The hot water opens up the pores.

Step 3) After your shower, apply the four powerful oils recommended by John Cooper – including the four oils in Vita Fungus. You can apply the oils to your skin daily or take them daily in the form of Vita Fungus (or both).

That’s it! After applying the liquid Vita Fungus formula directly to your nails, you could notice results within just a week – including visibly clearer nails and skin. You can also take the Vita Fungus oral supplement to complement the effects of the liquid formula.

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Vita Fungus Ingredients

John Cooper claims to have identified four oils in his research shown to permanently eliminate toenail fungus and prevent it from coming back.

John claims the medical community “casually overlooks” these oils, even though they’re “far more effective than your regular Lamisil, Tinactin,” and other toenail fungus medication. Plus, they work without side effects.

The four oils in Vita Fungus include:

Lemongrass Oil: Used in the Philippines for centuries for its antifungal effects, lemongrass oil has been shown to help fight back against fungus in multiple studies. Applying lemongrass topically to the nail could inhibit the growth of two species of fungus. Lemongrass is “the perfect oil to fully erase your fungus,” according to John Cooper.

Lavender Oil: Lavender oil weakens and starves the fungus, causing it to die. Some studies suggest lavender oil also prevents the fungus from eating the keratin in your nail, helping to clear up your nail rapidly and improving its appearance. In fact, lavender oil could prevent your nail from falling off after an infection. By starving the fungus immediately with lavender oil, you could support your body’s natural defenses against fungus.

Flaxseed Oil: Flaxseed oil decreases inflammation and helps support the skin surrounding the toenail, helping you support powerful fungus fighting benefits. It strengthens the natural immune function of your skin and nail.

Tea Tree Oil: This fourth and final oil eliminates all traces of the fungus from your system, helping your body fight the fungus long-term. It’s been traditionally used to help with ringworm, jock itch, rashes, and other types of skin infections. Studies show tea tree oil is rich with natural molecules linked to anti-inflammatory effects, skin health, and overall positive effects in the skin and nail. There’s a reason so many people apply tea tree oil to their skin, hair, and nails daily.

Although these four oils can clear up fungus on their own, John wanted to add other ingredients to support the active effects even further. The other active ingredients complement the oils and include:

Undecylenic Acid: Found in many over-the-counter fungus formulas, undecylenic acid can help kill the fungus and prevent it from returning.

Sweet Almond Oil: Sweet almond oil can soothe the skin and improve its appearance. It moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft and supple underneath the infected toenail. If you don’t want to wait months for your nails to return to their normal appearance, then the sweet almond oil in Vita Fungus can help.

Aloe Vera Leaf Extract: Aloe vera leaf extract reduces itchiness and swelling in minutes, which means you don’t need to wait for weeks for the fungus to disappear. It works with undecylenic acid and sweet almond oil to rapidly clear up your nail.

Vitamin E: A natural antioxidant, vitamin E strengthens the natural barrier function of your skin and nails, helping your body defend against future infections.

These ingredients are all found in the liquid Vita Fungus formula. The Vita Fungus bottle comes with an applicator brush, and you use the applicator brush to apply the liquid ingredients to your toenail daily to support the active effects.

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Scientific Evidence for Vita Fungus

As proof Vita Fungus works to permanently relieve toenail fungus, John Cooper and his team cite 65 studies on the Vita Fungus references page. Those studies include double-blind, placebo-controlled trials published in peer-reviewed medical journals. We’ll review some of that research below to determine if Vita Fungus can really eliminate toenail fungus permanently – and the science behind Vita Fungus.

First and most importantly, Vita Fungus was created by a medical doctor. John Cooper, creator of Vita Fungus, claims to have graduated from medical school and specialized in fungus treatment. He claims to be a legitimate medical doctor who has treated patients using ingredients similar to what we see in Vita Fungus. Additionally, John claims “nearly every doctor we show this course is very enthusiastic about it [Vita Fungus],” suggesting Vita Fungus has the approval of multiple doctors.

There’s some evidence lemongrass oil and other essential oils clear away fungus infections. According to a 1998 study, essential oils like peppermint, orange, and lemongrass oil – two of which are found in Vita Fungus – could help kill certain bacterial strains. In fact, researchers found peppermint and lemongrass oil were effective against 22 strains of bacteria.

Tea tree oil also appears to have antifungal effects. According to a 2021 study, tea tree oil has been shown to express antifungal therapy comparable to certain antifungal drugs. Plus, tea tree oil has natural anti-inflammatory effects that could help support your body’s overall immune function – and the appearance of your skin and nails.

One of the largest reviews on natural supplements and nail fungus infections was published in 1999. Researchers found many natural ingredients – including allylamines, azoles, and undecanoic acid (also known as undecylenic acid) – were effective in combating fungal infections.

Overall, Vita Fungus contains a blend of ingredients that target nail fungus infections from the outside in – and from the inside out. Many of the ingredients in Vita Fungus have been shown to support your body’s natural defense against nail fungus and prevent nail fungus infections from returning.

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Vita Fungus Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

The official Vita Fungus website is filled with testimonials from customers who have experienced significant relief from toenail fungus and other unsightly issues thanks to the formula.

Some claim to have suffered from toenail fungus for years before taking Vita Fungus. Others tried over-the-counter supplements and toenail fungus medication, yet nothing worked.

Here are some of the reviews shared by verified purchasers on the official Vita Fungus website:

One customer claims he started taking the Vita Fungus pills and his fungal infection “is now gone.” He had previously been applying drops to his toenail, yet the drops didn’t work.

Another customer claims his “nails are coming back” thanks to Vita Fungus and the “fungus are leaving.” Overall, that man claims Vita Fungus is “highly recommended.”

One man claims he tried “many topical products with zero results” until he experienced rapid results with Vita Fungus.

Some claim to have experienced noticeable results after taking Vita Fungus for just a week. One man claims his “swelling, redness and itching have noticeably decreased” within just one week of taking Vita Fungus for the first time. The supplement has also improved his overall digestion and energy.

Another customer claims Vita Fungus “changed my life,” claiming it rapidly created a difference

One verified purchaser claims it’s “less than a month [and] I’m noticing changes” thanks to Vita Fungus.

Overall, John Cooper claims over 80,000 people have permanently eradicated toenail fungus problems using his dual-action Vita Fungus method, which involves taking the Vita Fungus supplement and applying the Vita Fungus liquid formula daily.

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Vita Fungus Pricing

Vita Fungus costs $69 per bottle. However, you can save money by ordering multiple bottles of Vita Fungus. The more bottles you buy, the more you can save.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering Vita Fungus online:

  • 1 Bottle: $69
  • 3 Bottles: $177 ($59 Per Bottle)
  • 6 Bottles: $294 ($49 Per Bottle)

Each bottle contains a 30 day supply, or 30 servings.

The ordinary retail price of Vita Fungus is $99 per bottle. As part of a 2023 promotion, the manufacturer has reduced the price of all Vita Fungus bundles.

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Vita Fungus Refund Policy

Vita Fungus has a 60 day moneyback guarantee. If you’re unhappy with the results of Vita Fungus within 60 days, then you can request a complete refund.

About Vita Fungus

Vita Fungus was developed by a man named John Cooper, who also does business under the name Michael Cooper. John presents himself as a medical doctor (MD) and claims to have worked for some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

In addition to working for pharmaceutical companies, John claims to have treated many patients with toenail fungus over the years – including A-list celebrities. Overall, he claims he’s helped treat over 80,000 toenail fungus infections worldwide. He developed Vita Fungus based on a unique recipe from the Philippines.

You can contact the Vita Fungus customer service team via the following:

John Cooper and his team manufacture Vita Fungus in the United States under a supplement brand called Premier Natural Health. That company is based in Los Angeles, California.

Final Word

Vita Fungus is a liquid toenail fungus formula and encapsulated supplement designed to permanently eliminate toenail fungus.

By applying Vita Fungus daily or taking one capsule daily, you can purportedly fight toenail fungus in multiple ways. Developed by a medical doctor named John Cooper, Vita Fungus works in partnership with a 7-minute Filipino shower hack to clear away your infection as soon as tonight – and leave you with healthy-looking, pink toenails in the near future.

To learn more about Vita Fungus and how it works or to buy the supplement today, visit the official website.


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