SkinnyFit Reviews – Is SkinnyFit.com Legit? Supplements That Work?

SkinnyFit is a San Diego-based supplement company known for its collagen peptides, superfood powders, apple cider vinegar gummies, and detox formulas.

Whether you want to lose weight, look younger, detoxify your body, or support overall health and wellness, SkinnyFit offers a range of products targeting different goals.

Is SkinnyFit legit? Should you buy supplements from SkinnyFit? Please keep reading our review to learn everything you need about SkinnyFit today.

What is SkinnyFit?

SkinnyFit is a health and wellness brand based in San Diego, California.

The company has launched several award-winning supplements, including the popular Skinny Greens green superfood powder, chosen as one of the world’s best weight loss supplements by US Weekly.

Other popular SkinnyFit products include Super Youth, a multi-collagen peptide formula, and Skinny Gummies, an apple cider vinegar gummy. The company also offers detox teas, hydration, and traditional workout supplements.

A 90-day money-back guarantee backs all SkinnyFit supplements, and the company maintains a 24/7 customer service hotline.


SkinnyFit Benefits

Some of the benefits of ordering supplements through SkinnyFit include:

  • Award-winning weight loss and anti-aging supplements
  • Collagen peptides, green superfoods, gummies, teas, and more
  • Support anti-aging, weight loss, detoxification, and more
  • Science-backed ingredients proven to work
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer service

SkinnyFit Supplements

SkinnyFit offers collagen peptide supplements, gummies, detox teas, hydration formulas, workout supplements, and other products.

Across all categories, SkinnyFit’s best selling supplements include Super Youth (a multi-collagen peptide formula), Skinny Gummies (apple cider vinegar gummies), and Skinny Greens (a green superfood powder), among others.

Here are all SkinnyFit supplement categories available today:

  • Collagen Peptide Supplements
  • Gummies
  • Superfoods
  • Detox Teas
  • Hydration Formulas
  • Workout Supplements
  • Health Supplements
  • Accessories

SkinnyFit Collagen Peptide Supplements

SkinnyFit has won awards for its Super Youth multi-collagen peptide formula. Super Youth can support smooth skin, healthy bones and joints, digestion, and overall health, among other benefits.

Super Youth

Super Youth is a multi-collagen peptide formula offering five types of collagen from four natural sources, helping you restore youthfulness from the inside out. Like other collagen supplements, Super Youth gives you ample collagen to support your body’s biological repair processes, boost muscle growth, support healthy hair and nails, and promote other benefits. The formula contains types I, II, III, V, and X collagen along with complementary ingredients like hyaluronic acid, apple cider vinegar, and vitamin C. SkinnyFit offers Super Youth in five flavors and options, including orange pineapple, chocolate, peach mango, tropical punch, and unflavored.

SkinnyFit Gummies

Gummy supplements are more popular than ever, and SkinnyFit offers a lineup of gummy supplements to target different health and wellness goals.

Some SkinnyFit gummies help you sleep. Others promote digestion, weight loss, or immunity. Just take one or two gummies daily to support the advertised benefits.

All SkinnyFit gummies use pectin instead of cheaper sources like gelatin. Pectin is a fiber found in fruit peels and vegetables. Although it tends to be more expensive than gelatin, pectin is vegan and vegetarian-friendly for keeping gummies together.

SkinnyFit’s gummies include:

Skinny Gummies

SkinnyFit’s Skinny Gummies uses apple cider vinegar to support weight loss, fat burning, and help control appetite. Many people take apple cider vinegar daily for appetite control. However, apple cider vinegar (in liquid form) can burn your esophagus and taste awful. SkinnyFit’s Skinny Gummies skip the sour taste of apple cider vinegar and deliver it in a tasty format. You get just 2g of sugar per serving. Each gummy contains apple cider vinegar (made with the mother), vitamin B12, beetroot juice, vitamin B9, and pomegranate.

Happy Gummies

SkinnyFit’s Happy Gummies use ashwagandha, one of the world’s most popular and proven adaptogens, to promote stress relief, immunity, and a better mood. As an adaptogen, ashwagandha helps to support your body’s response against stress. SkinnyFit has blended the popular adaptogen with vitamin D and zinc to support immune function and overall energy. In fact, according to SkinnyFit, Happy Gummies can also promote weight management, making them a powerful all-in-one gummy supplement for overall wellness.

Sleepy Gummies

Sleepy Gummies contain melatonin to help you fall asleep faster, promote a night of deep sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed. The melatonin acts quickly to encourage a deeper sleep. There are no other active ingredients: melatonin mixed with pectin to help you fall asleep.

Not So Moody Gummies

SkinnyFit’s Not So Moody Gummies promote hormonal balance while helping to alleviate cramps and reduce symptoms of menopause. To do that, they contain one of the most popular nutritional supplement ingredients for menopause relief: chaste berry—other active ingredients within Not So Moody Gummies include cranberry extract, vitamin B6, and dong quai. Taking the gummies daily can promote a stable mood, decrease bloating, reduce hot flashes, and alleviate cramps, among other benefits.

Immunity Gummies

SkinnyFit’s Immunity Gummies help boost immunity, support healthy aging, and help reduce inflammation, among other benefits. Featuring more than 100% of your daily value of vitamin C per serving, SkinnyFit’s Immunity Gummies can promote energy and immunity from the inside out. Each gummy also contains complementary ingredients like elderberry and zinc. Elderberry is rich in flavonoids linked to healthy inflammation, while zinc is one of the most important minerals for immune function.

Catch the Calm Gummy Bundle

With one bottle each of Sleepy Gummies and Happy Gummies, the Catch the Calm bundle promotes stress response, better sleep, and overall calmness.

The Ultimate Gummy Bundle

SkinnyFit’s Ultimate Gummy Bundle includes Happy, Skinny, and Sleepy Gummies. You can reduce bloat, fight stress-induced weight gain, and fall asleep faster using three of SkinnyFit’s most popular gummies.

SkinnyFit Superfoods

SkinnyFit has won awards for its superfood supplements. For example, US Weekly chose the company’s Skinny Greens supplement as one of the world’s best weight loss supplements. It combines popular green superfood ingredients with traditional weight loss aids.

SkinnyFit also offers a red superfood powder called Beauty Juice. You can drink Skinny Greens and Beauty Juice daily to support health and wellness from the inside out.

Available SkinnyFit superfood formulas include:

Skinny Greens

Skinny Greens are SkinnyFit’s award-winning green superfood formula in green apple or mango splash flavors. Other green superfood formulas are available online today, but SkinnyFit is one of the few designed specifically for weight loss. Skinny Greens supports weight loss, fights bloating, and boosts immunity and energy using a blend of 34 superfoods, adaptogens, and prebiotics. Active ingredients within Skinny Greens include organic spirulina, organic chlorella powder, organic matcha leaves, spinach leaf powder, and turmeric root extract, among others.

Beauty Juice

Available in acai berry flavor, Beauty Juice is a blend of adaptogens and red superfoods designed to promote radiant skin, improve mood, and revitalize gut health with each scoop. Active ingredients in Beauty Juice include acai berry powder, blueberry fruit juice powder, reishi mushroom powder, beetroot juice powder, and more. These ingredients are separated into formulas like the gut-restoring probiotic blend, energy-optimizing blend, and age-reversing beauty blend.

Essential Superfoods Bundle

Get Skinny Greens and Beauty Juice with the Essential Superfoods Bundle. You get a one-month supply of each supplement.

SkinnyFit Detox Teas

Detox teas have surged in popularity over the last decade. Today, many people drink detox teas nightly for energy, immunity, sleep, and other targeted effects.

SkinnyFit offers two detox teas, including Detox (an energizing detox tea) and ZzzTox (a relaxing detox tea):


Detox contains ingredients to support weight loss, energy, and bloating relief. SkinnyFit says the tea can help you “slim down, soothe bloating, and boost your energy naturally.” Unlike other detox teas, Detox has no laxatives. Instead, it features 13 superfoods to boost your metabolism. Active ingredients within SkinnyFit Detox include matcha green tea, yerba mate, hibiscus, oolong tea, milk thistle, and goji berry.


ZzzTox supports weight loss while helping to reduce bloating and improve rest and sleep. By taking the tea nightly, you can stress less, sleep tight, and detoxify your body 24/7 with a caffeine-free blend. Each serving of ZzzTox includes cornflower, chamomile flower, lemon balm, lavender, peppermint, and rooibos leaf, among other ingredients. You steep one tea bag in 8oz of hot water for 5 to 7 minutes at night time – or anytime you want to relax.

SkinnyFit Hydration Formulas

SkinnyFit offers a popular hydration supplement called Fit IV. Available in single-serve stick packets, Fit IV contains a blend of electrolytes to hydrate your body and stimulate fat burning:

Fit IV

Fit IV contains science-backed weight loss ingredients like InnoSlim to help manage weight and boost energy. It also contains vitamins and electrolytes for rapid hydration and beauty-supporting ingredients to help promote your youthful glow. Just take one stick daily, adding a single-serve packet to 16oz of water. You can take it day or night for rapid hydration and boosted metabolism.

SkinnyFit Workout Supplements

SkinnyFit offers two traditional workout supplements, including a pre-workout powder and a post-workout BCAA supplement:

Jump Start

Jump Start provides long-lasting energy while supporting focus, endurance, and mood. SkinnyFit designed the supplement, especially for women who want to boost motivation and focus before a workout. Just take one scoop of powder before your activity to enjoy long-lasting energy. Each serving contains a blend of B vitamins, amino acids, and caffeine – similar to a conventional preworkout supplement.

Repair & Recover

Repair & Recover is a branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) supplement to help your body repair after a workout. Your body uses BCAAs as the building blocks of protein, and you need protein to kickstart muscle growth after a workout. By taking Repair & Recover after a workout, you can ease soreness, promote muscle repair, and support weight loss, among other benefits, according to SkinnyFit. In addition to BCAAs, Repair & Recover contains turmeric to help with exercise-induced inflammation and promote overall recovery.

Workout Warrior Bundle

SkinnyFit offers the Workout Warrior Bundle with a one-month Jump Start and Repair & Recover supply. You can take Jump Start before and Repair & Recover after a workout to promote a better activity from start to finish.

SkinnyFit Health Supplements

SkinnyFit also offers a lineup of three health supplements, including probiotics, beauty, and appetite control supplements:

Snack Attack

Designed to fight back against cravings, Snack Attack features a blend of active ingredients to help suppress appetite and promote better appetite control. The supplement works naturally, helping to control hunger without making it feel like you’re starving yourself. Snack Attack can kickstart metabolism, fight cravings, and help you feel satisfied for longer. Each serving contains CLA, vitamin B12, white kidney bean extract, garcinia cambogia extract, green tea leaf extract, apple cider vinegar, and cayenne fruit powder, all linked to appetite control.

Belly Balance

SkinnyFit’s Belly Balance is a probiotic health supplement designed to promote healthy digestion, relieve stomach discomfort, and calm bloating to help you feel cleaner, leaner, and healthier overall. Your gut needs probiotics to help break down food and extract its nutritional value. To help your gut further, Belly Balance contains kombucha, ginger root extract, papain, bromelain, peppermint leaf, and a blend of prebiotics and digestive enzymes (including amylase, protease, lactase, and lipase from fungal sources). Overall, your body needs these ingredients daily to promote overall digestive health.

Daily Glow

Daily Glow is a beauty supplement that promotes longer, stronger hair and nails while supporting youthful-looking skin and brightening your complexion. Each serving contains vitamin C, vitamin E, kelp powder, zinc, and a blend of B vitamins that target beauty differently. Just take two capsules daily with 8oz of water to promote beauty from the inside out.

SkinnyFit Accessories

SkinnyFit offers a lineup of unique accessories, including workout bands, pill boxes, hydration tracker bottles, and shakers:

  • SkinnyFit Hydro Bottle: $33.96
  • Super Shaker: $24.95
  • SkinnyFit Bottle: $29.95
  • SkinnyFit Pill Box: $19.95
  • SkinnyFit Mini Mixer: $19.9
  • SkinnyFit Workout Band: $19.95
  • Super Youth Super Shaker: $24.95

SkinnyFit Features

There are plenty of weight loss and anti-aging supplements available today. Why pick SkinnyFit? What makes SkinnyFit unique?

Here are some of the features that distinguish SkinnyFit from other major brands available today:

90-Day Moneyback Guarantee

You can try any SkinnyFit product for 90 days and then request a refund if you are unsatisfied.

Free 28-Day Fitness & Nutrition Guide

SkinnyFit offers a free 28-day fitness and nutrition guide. The guide walks you through a four-week program for optimizing weight loss results. SkinnyFit says 10,000+ women have lost weight, gained confidence, and transformed their lives in just 28 days using the guide.

Gummies Made with Pectin – Not Gelatin

Many gummy supplements use gelatin because it’s a cheap way to hold the formula together. SkinnyFit takes a different approach, using vegan-friendly pectin as the binder. Pectin is a natural fiber found in fruit peels and vegetables. It’s costlier than gelatin but allows the gummies to be vegan and vegetarian-friendly.

Subscribe & Save 30%

If you subscribe to regular shipments of SkinnyFit supplements, you save 30% off the ordinary retail price.

650,000+ Social Media Followers

SkinnyFit has a strong presence on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media, including 538,000+ Facebook fans and 139,000+ followers on Instagram. The company regularly shares health and wellness content online.

Science-Backed Ingredients

SkinnyFit’s supplements haven’t completed clinical trials, but that’s normal in the supplement space. Most supplement companies don’t invest in clinical trials. Instead, SkinnyFit maintains a comprehensive references page with links to studies on each ingredient within SkinnyFit supplements. The company cites studies showing its formulas can support anti-aging, muscle recovery, hair and nail health, and other effects.

Award-Winning Formulas

SkinnyFit’s supplements have genuinely won awards, as US Weekly has chosen the company’s supplements as the best multivitamin, the best supplement for weight loss, and the best collagen supplement.

Made in NSF cGMP Certified Facilities

SkinnyFit is a San Diego-based supplement company that manufactures its supplements in NSF, cGMP-certified facilities.

24/7 Customer Service

Many supplement companies offer customer service during regular business hours. SkinnyFit, however, is one of the few offering 24/7 customer service. You can contact the company any time of day or night for refund requests, inquiries, and help managing subscriptions.

SkinnyFit Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

The official SkinnyFit website has positive reviews from customers who have experienced significant results with SkinnyFit supplements.

Some have used SkinnyFit supplements to kickstart a transformation. Others have used them to lose weight, boost skin appearance, and enjoy other active effects.

Here are some of the reviews shared by customers on the official website and elsewhere online:

On SkinnyFit, the company has 29,200+ reviews from verified purchasers across all products. 74% of reviewers gave the company’s products a 5-star rating.

Most customers have good things to say about the flavor, mixability, and overall ease of use of SkinnyFit supplements, finding they work as advertised while being easy to take daily.

Sports Illustrated’s Anna Marie Clear, MS, RD, CPT, recently published a review for SkinnyFit. She praised the company for its 90-day money-back guarantee, 24/7 customer service hotline, and NSF cGMP-certified manufacturing facilities. However, she found products expensive overall and disliked the lack of third-party testing.

Popular SkinnyFit supplements like Super Youth tend to have good reviews on Amazon and other third-party retail websites. Super Youth has an average score of 4.2 stars out of 5 with 13,700+ global reviews, for example, on Amazon. 64% of reviewers have given the supplement a 5-star rating.

US Weekly is a massive fan of SkinnyFit’s products. The magazine chose SkinnyFit’s products as the Best Supplement for Weight Loss, one of the top 5 Best Collagen Supplements, and the Best Multivitamin for women. The company’s products have also received praise from Men’s Journal and The Columbian.

SkinnyFit has an average score of 1.13 stars out of 5 on the Better Business Bureau website, with 30+ customer reviews and a B rating overall, including 60+ complaints in the last three years. Customers have complained about shipping issues, unclear subscription terms, and customer service issues. Some customers appear to have signed up for a subscription because it’s cheaper, only to be surprised by the continuous charges and repeated deliveries to their address.

Overall, SkinnyFit has a solid online presence and good reviews from most customers. Although some find the prices high, others like the high-quality ingredients, science-backed formulas, and overall commitment to quality.

SkinnyFit Refund Policy

SkinnyFit has a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t love your SkinnyFit product for any reason, then SkinnyFit will happily exchange, replace, or refund your product. Contact the company within 90 days to start the refund process.


About SkinnyFit, LLC

SkinnyFit is a health and wellness brand founded primarily to help boost confidence in women. Here’s how SkinnyFit explains the company’s mission on the official website:

“…the true mission of SkinnyFit is to help ALL women embrace the beauty that comes from nurturing yourself. True health starts from within, and we are passionate about creating ways to help you reach your goals for a more confident, happier life.”

Over the years, SkinnyFit has received attention from major media. For example, US Weekly chose SkinnyFit’s Skinny Greens as the Best Supplement for Weight Loss while declaring other SkinnyFit supplements as the best collagen and multivitamins for women.

You can contact SkinnyFit and the company’s customer service team by phone or email:

  • Phone: 1-888-862-1758
  • Email: hello@skinnyfit.com
  • Sales: 1-855-945-3646
  • Mailing Address: 750 B St Ste 3300, San Diego, CA 92101-8188

Customer service is available 24/7, while sales are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.

SkinnyFit manufactures supplements in the United States in NSF cGMP-certified facilities. The company is based in San Diego and was founded in 2017.

Final Word on SkinnyFit

SkinnyFit is an award-winning health and wellness brand offering collagen supplements, superfood formulas, anti-aging supplements, and other products.

Found online, the company offers a 90-day money-back guarantee with all supplements.

To learn more about SkinnyFit and the company’s lineup of products or to buy today, visit the official website.


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