Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) Live Stress & Hormones Workshop Review – Holistic Health Coach Event for Perimenopause Symptoms?

The path of the human body from beginning to finish is a transitory one, especially for women. A child’s body eventually transforms into a woman’s, which then transforms into a mother’s, and eventually into menopause, a period during where one’s menstrual cycle becomes variable. To live comfortably at each of these stages, the hormone flux must be overcome. Of all these stages, menopause is the stage that is either too fretted about (due to its symptoms) or completely ignored. Well, how can two extremes coexist?

In the context of wellness, whether it be emotional, or physical, women are often told that said symptoms are normal and how they must learn to adapt with their changing bodies. Then there’s the reality that we rarely see weight management programs customized to this specific group. Our editorial team does not believe in either normalizing or dismissing menopausal symptoms. Instead, we see merit in education, particularly health coaches, from whom women are likely to seek assistance.

Fortunately, there is an upcoming live workshop designed to assist as many holistic health coaches and practitioners as possible in not only expanding their knowledge on perimenopause, but also in developing other skills and discovering ways to help people. Without further ado, here is a thorough examination of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.

What is Functional Diagnostic Nutrition?

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) is a live, two-hour workshop in which participants will learn about the impact of stress, hormones, and perimenopause on health. This workshop is primarily aimed at health coaches who want to broaden their expertise to support people with various health challenges.

By the end of FDN, health coaches and enthusiasts will understand how to identify hidden stressors impeding their clients’ goals, make proper dietary and lifestyle adjustments for maximum hormonal balance, create comprehensive and personalized protocols, and resolve symptoms using the “order of operations.” Most of all, said individuals will have finally grasped the interconnectedness between gut health, minerals intake and hormones, consequently helping eliminate any stubborn symptom one might face.

The organizers maintain that it all boils down to knowing how the body works from the inside out. Otherwise, aiding clients on their health journeys is akin to going around in circles. In light of everything discussed so far, it is certainly nice to see a training aimed for health coaches rather than the general public, given the former group – at least in a modern medical setting – tends to normalize menopausal symptoms and lean more toward temporary solutions.

A workshop like FDN can shine light on a well-known transitional period while emphasizing the various variables to consider regardless of weight loss or health objective. Up next, we’ll take a thorough look at the topics that will be covered in this workshop.

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How has the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Workshop been structured?

The organizers guarantee that what health coaches learn from the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition workshop will surely set them apart from other online health coaches. The strategies offered during this live workshop are said to approach stress and hormones in subtle ways that make a huge effect.

In the grand scheme of things, FDN will dive into real case studies of women who are in perimenopause so that attendees can see first-hand what it looks and feels like to walk in their shows. With that, here are some of the anticipated powerful themes of discussion:

Why the body’s natural detoxification processes, namely the liver, must be considered;

How to tell whether the liver is overworked, clogged, or recirculating waste in the body;

In what ways might yeast and candida contribute to hormonal imbalances;

The effect of food sensitivities on stress levels throughout the body;

The steps to addressing the effect of high-cortisol or chronic stress response;

How to help clients with adrenal and other hormonal issues;

The impact of metabolic chaos and how to find and regulate the body in 3 simple steps;

Understanding the difference between hormones as a root problem and symptom;

What is the meaning of the HPA Hormone Stress Profile and how to use it to understand the relationship between stress and hormone;

The difference between “functional labs” and “conventional labs” and why it is imperative to understand the different ranges.

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What will attendees get when they sign up for Functional Diagnostic Nutrition?

In addition to the workshop, attendees will also receive the following gifts:

Health Coach Workbook

The Health Coach Workbook is a practical reference that will help people get started in their health coaching career. While it is unclear what individuals will find on these pages, the organizers insist that each page contains knowledge that health coaches can apply in their own lives and those of their clients.

Live Q&A

As interesting as listening in on expert perspectives can be, nothing beats the ability to ask questions. After the workshop, the lead instructor will open the floor to questions, each of which will be answered to the best of their knowledge.

Permanent Access to Replay

For those who are interested in attending but can’t, can’t sit through the entire two hours, or aren’t the greatest at jotting down notes, the organizers are making the contents permanently accessible once the workshop is over. This includes both the workshop and the live Q&A session.

Bonus #1. The Stress Quiz

The Stress Quiz is a tool for determining the extent to which stress has an impact on a person’s current state of health. This quiz will provide the guidelines for scoring and interpreting the quiz results. Hopefully, this will help health coaches inspire their respective in making healthy lifestyle choices.

Bonus #2. Animated BrainBody Diagram

The Animated BrainBody Diagram and presentation are intended to expand on the concept of “metabolic chaos.” This is thought to be an excellent approach to demonstrate the many symptoms to look out for and what causes them in the first place. Reed Davis, the founder of FDN, will lead the recording and illustrate how to incorporate this resource into each person’s business.

Bonus #3. 5 Steps to Navigating Perimenopause

5 Steps to Navigating Perimenopause is a downloadable guide that covers the exact perimenopause framework. This is said to cover diet, rest, exercise, stress, and supplement recommendations tailored for perimenopause women.

Bonus #4. Healthy Hormones Recipe Guide

On the topic of diet, the Healthy Hormones Recipe Guide includes three of FDN’s favorite hormone-approved recipes, namely in the form of energy bites, herbal tonic, and lemon-gut shots.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a FDN practitioner?

The organizers define FDN practitioners as “health detectives”. In other words, they are trained to investigate underlying causes and conditions using evidence-based protocols. These experts understand the process of selecting the right functional tests and identifying clues for analyzing results.

What is a FDN practitioner qualified to do?

FDN practitioners do not diagnose or treat diseases. Instead, they provide education on how to identify appropriate healing opportunities and eliminate contributors of metabolic chaos. Most often, FDN graduates go on to:

  • Launching a new health coaching business or private wellness practice
  • Launching a functional health podcast or YouTube channel
  • Providing consultation services to other practitioners and/or businesses
  • Sharing their respective healing journeys
  • Hosting retreats and/or speaking at wellness events

Am I able to run functional tests for clients if I’m not licensed?

As an FDN practitioner, individuals have exclusive access to order over 60 functional labs through FDN’s Medical Director Program (MDP), as per the organizers of this workshop. The MDP is a full-service laboratory testing and clinical support program designed to provide unlicensed FDN practitioners with access to lab tests/screenings for themselves and their clients.

Who is the FDN Workshop suitable for?

The FDN workshop is intended for health coaches looking to help their clients on a deeper level to create change. Additionally, people on their own health journeys may find solace in this workshop.

How is the FDN Workshop different from past workshops?

Unlike past workshops, this one will focus primarily on supporting clients who are in perimenopause.

What if I cannot attend the live FDN Workshop?

There is no problem, as the entire FDN workshop will be available for a lifetime.

When will I receive the health coaching materials and bonuses?

Upon registration, individuals will receive the Health Coach Workshop immediately so that individuals can take notes during the presentation. The rest will be sent out immediately following the workshop.

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Which symptoms are relevant to the FDN Workshop?

Relevant symptoms include stubborn belly fat, mood changes, poor sleep and insomnia, hair loss, low energy, and exhaustion, overwhelm and anxiety, brain fog and memory problems, tingling in the hands and feet, and feelings of despair.

Will I benefit from the FDN Workshop as a professional?

No, those who have been certified as a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner (FDNP) will have already been exposed to this training. Those who want to refresh their memories or simply like sitting through workshops can do so as well.

Why choose FDN over other functional health certification courses?

The team is convinced their process teaches people how to achieve greater results. Also, FDN is an accredited educational program that is well accepted and acknowledged around the world. Did we mention that the FDN has the most experience teaching health coaches, professionals, and health-conscious individuals?

How about the fact that those who’ve completed this course are eligible to sit for several board exams including the American Natural Wellness Coaches Board (ANWCB), the American Association of Natural Wellness Coaches and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)? These are just a few reasons why people usually turn to FDN for their certification requirements.

Are there any prerequisites for the FDN Certification Course or advanced topics courses?

Neither any prerequisites nor advanced topics coursed must be completed prior to the FDN Certification course (which of course, is different from the upcoming live workshop).

Who do I contact if I have any questions on the FDN Workshop?

For any questions or concerns regarding the upcoming FDN workshop, individuals are encouraged to contact customer support in one of the following ways:

  • Email: FDNInfo@afdnp.com.
  • Phone: 1 (877) 587 2882

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When is the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition workshop scheduled to take place?

The Functional Diagnostic Nutrition workshop has been scheduled to take place on Monday, September 25, 2023, at 5PM EST (or equivalently 2pm PST or September 26, 2023, 7am Sydney NSW).

How much does it cost to attend Functional Diagnostic Nutrition?

The total value of the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition workshop, resources and bonuses comes out to $783, but as a limited time offer, individuals can secure a seat for a one-time fee of $9. In response to the reduced prices, the organizers said the following:

“Because we are on a mission to create as many successful & advanced health coaches as possible, so we can help build better health on a larger scale! Plus, we know that not everyone is ready to join our signature certification program and want to give you enough information to start getting real results, right away.”

Who will be leading the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Workshop?

Jennifer Woodward, MS, FDNP, will be the instructor for the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition workshop. She is not only the founder and director of FDN Business School, but also a perimenopause specialist with a six-figure online health coaching practice. The latter is her method of assisting women in regaining hormonal balance and avoiding uncomfortable periods. A large portion of the content provided during this session will be put together by FDN creator, Reed Davis, and will ostensibly serve as the foundation for the FDN Certification program.

In terms of the founder, Reed allegedly observed that most patients with chronic diseases were trapped in a cycle of trial and error, with most inquiries going unanswered. Reed decided then and there that he wanted to be different from most practitioners. So, over the course of ten years, he reviewed thousands of functional lab results for people in order to educate them on every detail of their health. He attributes his achievement to his mentors, who taught him how to attentively examine things for improved health.

Matter-of-factly, with every evidenced pattern, the expert quickly developed an entire constellation of “healing opportunities”, which serves as the foundation of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, an organization revolving around the human body, data-driven health, bio-individuality, and pioneering for change. For more on Reed Davis’ story, click here >>>

About Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition represents a team of pioneers, teachers and wellness advocates who have dedicated most of their careers educating and inspiring better health. This team developed a course called the FDN Certification Course, which educates individuals on the steps to evaluating functional lab results for informed decision-making. Additionally, they offer advanced training courses ranging from stress and hormones to thyroid functions on a global scale. Here’s what the founder, Reed Davis wants everyone to take away from the organization’s existence:

“At FDN, our mission is to educate as many people as possible about how to get well and stay well naturally, so they in turn can empower others to live healthier lives.”

Concluding Remarks

Ultimately, the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition workshop is primarily aimed at health fanatics, health coaches, and those wanting to take the accompanying certification exam. This 2-hour training will concentrate on the impact of stress and hormonal changes on perimenopausal women, a topic covered in the FDN certification course. In our honest opinion, such an opportunity is hard to come by, especially seeing how it goes beyond fussing about gender and age or advocating one size fits all solutions.

By the end of this course, attendees will want to understand the body from within, and with the right designations, functional tests can be requested. Our editorial team sees value in such an approach since it offers a distinct viewpoint on everything related to perimenopause, not simply nutrition, exercise, or hormones. Individuals will learn to recognize symptoms, assess test results, and better align themselves with their bodies in order to achieve greater health.

The class live paired with lifetime access to the recordings and essential incentives meant to supplement one’s existing or future health coaching business for $9 is undeniably a steal. Taking everything into account, the organizers’ claim that people will naturally become health investigators does not surprise us.

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