The Science of Wealth Mastery Reviews – Does It Work? What to Know Before Buy!

Abundance is something most people dream of at some point in life. Why wouldn’t they when prices for everything are going up? Raising a family today is nowhere near affordable compared to a decade or two ago. In the grand scheme of things, though, people hope to become financially wealthy to feel comfortable and use their time to create memories, enjoy life, and ensure financial security for their friends and loved ones.

However, things get a little hazy because working hours on end probably isn’t the answer. We all know savings are helpful in the interim but not necessarily for wealth-building, as a dollar’s value seems to decrease with each passing day.

One team is leaning towards Napoleon Hill’s belief that everything starts with the mind. Or infamously stated, “Whatever the mind can conceive and bring itself to believe, it can achieve.” Manifestation is an exercise where individuals train their thoughts to actualize a desired outcome. For those who’ve heard of visualization, this practice could help manifest the outcome.

However, it turns out that those described above and many other practices have a missing link that prevents people from fully manifesting. What is this link, and how does one overcome it? This is an excellent time to introduce The Science of Wealth Mastery.

What is The Science of Wealth Mastery?

The Science of Wealth Mastery is a sound-frequency audio program created to help permanently release people’s abundance blocks and to help them attract money effortlessly. This program includes seven powerful and life-changing audio tracks that allegedly alter one’s brain frequency and vibration to ensure that their affirmations align with the subconscious mind. What drew our editorial team’s attention closer to this program than others is that it draws on several concepts, including but not limited to the conscious and subconscious minds, affirmations, frequencies, the Law of Attraction, and karma.

At first, it felt like everything was being thrown at us all at once, but as we dissected the creator’s rationale, everything began to make sense. Up next, we’ll delve into the different layers that brought The Science of Wealth Mastery to life and the magnitude of their effect on the mind. After all, the mind is power.

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How does The Science of Wealth Mastery work?

To understand how The Science of Wealth Mastery works, it is imperative to understand the missing link. The missing link is a master key that unlocks abundance blocks and one’s ability to manifest one’s desires. When this key is applied, the creators insist that everything changes almost instantly. In particular, it is only now that the Law of Attraction is activated, giving people whatever they’ve ever dreamt of. When the master key is missing, there’s very little coming people’s way, and there is a deeper reasoning for this.

Upon saying a positive affirmation, the conscious mind listens, whereas the subconscious mind does not. Why? Because it has been pre-programmed to listen to and believe past trends attributed to money, including hefty payments that drain people. The creators are convinced that positive affirmations do not persuade cells in our bodies because the affirmations and the associated feelings do not align. It’s almost as if the mind and the body are on opposite ends of a pole. The latter keeps people constantly riddled with frustration, misery, debt, grinding days with little merit, etc.

What measures must be taken to ensure that the mind and body are in sync and to reprogram the subconscious mind? It all rests on two concepts: Frequency and the Law of Attraction. Frequencies, each a unique key, assist in manifestation, aligning vibrational energy with desired outcomes. The brain is a transmitter and receiver of frequency; every cell in the body emits different frequencies. On the other hand, the Law of Attraction states that the frequency being emitted is drawn to the associated person. In other words, whatever thoughts people constantly play in their minds are being attracted into their lives.

Naturally, every thought has a frequency, so what frequency is being put out is what will return (or karma, as some point out). The goal is to ensure that the frequency being put out matches that of the universes. And so, The Science of Wealth Mastery has been developed with a precise sound frequency reckoned to align all the critical components while reprogramming the subconscious mind.

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How much does The Science of Wealth Mastery cost?

The digital format of The Science of Wealth Mastery is currently offered for $49. This price includes three digital bonus resources and a 180-day money-back guarantee. Specifically, the bonuses were compiled to ensure the strength of people’s minds and build their confidence with each affirmation. These include:

  • Bonus #1: Instant Anxiety Relief Audio Track
  • Bonus #2: Confidence-Boosting Affirmations Audio Track
  • Bonus #3: The Art of Manifesting eBook

As for the 180-day money-back guarantee, the creator allows everyone to test the system (including the bonuses). Suppose individuals see no difference in their happiness or financial situation within six months of listening to this audio daily. In that case, customer support can be reached for a full purchase price refund. Requests outside of this window will not be accepted. For the specifics of the refund policy, the contact information is as follows:

  • Email: support@scienceofwealthmastery.com.
  • Phone: 1 (302) 200-3480

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Who created The Science of Wealth Mastery?


The creator of The Science of Wealth Mastery is an individual who goes by the name Kevin Taylor. Like many of us, Kevin is a simple person who’s only ever dreamed of providing happiness and wealth to his family. His only wish was to fulfill anything his wife or son asked of him without sighing over the price tag. Unfortunately, he used to be so broke all the time. By the time he paid off some of the essentials, it was almost as if he had never received a paycheque, to begin with; it disappeared that fast, leaving him nothing to rely on until the next one.

One random day, he claims to have found his breakthrough, finally getting inner access to “the treasure house of unlimited wealth, happiness, and financial freedom.” What did he do? It turns out that he stumbled upon a person at a local grocery who was being robbed. However, he pointed it out in time for the person to catch on. During their conversation, Kevin shared his current situation, to which the person said, “Today is your day. It’s the best day as I will reveal the surprising secret to attracting money effortlessly.” This secret is frequency and ensuring the right one is in place. Hence, The Science Wealth Mastery came to life.

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Final Verdict

For people who thought attracting wealth entails putting positive affirmations into the universe, a whole process is neglected. Saying without feeling is like words without action: at the end of the day, they are meaningless words.

The Science of Wealth Mastery aims to align affirmations with feelings, which requires reprogramming the subconscious mind. Kevin Taylor’s unique encounter explained how the frequency the brain puts out into the universe is the same kind that will attract. In other words, the wrong frequency has many people in a constant state in their lives rather than one filled with advancements, happiness, and riches.

Listening to The Science of Wealth Mastery’s seven sound-frequency audio tracks is all it takes. This should help people feel what they are putting out to the world at the right frequency, giving them what they want. In the big picture, this is all really about powering the mind. Limited thoughts and beliefs will only keep people within their confined boxes, preventing them from seeing and realizing what the world has to offer.

Does this mean that listening to an audio track suffices? Probably not. Individuals should see the system as a push in the right direction.

Fueling the mind and one’s perception of life can easily make or break one’s path, and clearly, we want path-building. As interesting as this all is, it would have been nice to have clarity on how to reap the benefits of The Science of Wealth Mastery. We do not know how long each audio track is or whether there is a particular setting in which they should be listened to. But these are questions that could be clarified by contacting customer support.

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