Nate Beeler | Counterpoint

Nate Beeler | Counterpoint

Commentary: The Constitution isn’t as malleable as Democrats think

I am a retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer. After that career came to an end I became a high school science teacher and have been engaged in that for the past 20 years.

During that time I have noticed some very concerning things about the values expressed, and actions, taken by members of the Democratic Party.

Even in high school, I became aware that the party continually worked to undermine rights, granted by our Creator, and guaranteed by our Constitution. They worked tirelessly to enact restrictive gun control measures through legislation, and worked to appoint judges who would willing disregard what is written in that document.

The party has been able to twist logic to the point that it now uses the term “activist judges” when it attacks the appointment of originalists who strive to understand and enforce the intent of the authors of our founding documents. Instead they consistently nominate and appoint those who believe that the Constitution is a “living” document, which is open to interpretation by whoever is reading it, regardless of what is actually written and what the original intent of the words were, even when it is blinding obvious what that intent was.

This kind of dishonesty shown by members of the party has exploded over the course of the past decade. The party, with the help of almost the entire media complex, has succeeded in convincing about half the country that after our people were attacked and killed in Benghazi none of the forces at the disposal of United States Africa Command, or the entire United States Navy’s Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean could have made it to them in time to help them, and that the fictional cover story promoted by Suzan Rice had nothing to do with getting Obama elected.

Democratic supporters convinced half the nation that it was entirely fine for Hillary Clinton, while secretary of state, to not just conduct official business on her own private server, but that is was also just fine for her to destroy those devices both mechanically and digitally rather than comply with a subpoena.

Further, when some of her correspondence was discovered to have classified information — top Secret information, well that was just fine as well. And to pay no mind to her recovered e-mail string, that thanks to the internet anyone can read, where in her own words she directs one of her assistants to “turn into nonpaper with no identifying heading and send non secure” a classified document that they were having problems sending to her on a secure FAX. Just ask Kristian Saucier, the Navy machinist mate who spent time in jail for having a few pictures of the interior of his submarine on his phone if he thinks that justice was served. Thinking of this makes it difficult each morning as I lead the class in the Pledge of Allegiance when I recite, …”and Justice for All.”

Perhaps because I spent 20 years as a submarine sailor, responsible for safeguarding sensitive information, this behavior is so particularly egregious to me. I know that each one of you elected officials with access also knows the truth of this. I could give many more examples, but I will end with Democrats’ actions surrounding the impeachment of our current president.

It seems clear to me that members of the party paid a foreign agent to contact Russia to obtain falsified information regarding Trump, and then use that information and our own security agencies to spy on his campaign prior to his election, and to continue that surveillance after he was elected. Those same people had the chutzpah to use that same false information to accuse him of consorting with Russia!

Then, after two years of non-stop false accusations that were found to be baseless, the Democratsimpeach the president because he has the temerity to ask another government to investigate possible corruption surrounding the appointment of a vice president’s son to the board of a energy company in the Ukraine where he is paid millions for doing nothing.

The Democratic Party has become the party of insanity. While wrapping themselves in the flag and Constitution, shouting that no one is above the law, they subvert every attempt to secure our borders, enabling drug smuggling, sex trafficking and gang members free access to our country.

Democrats bemoan the detainment of children and families at the southern border as they insure that the numbers of innocent children who will be kidnapped and abused by gangs in Mexico will increase by making it law that anyone with a child will be granted access to the country.

The party says that no one is above the law, but the Democratic Party is the party of sanctuary cities and states, who go out of their way to demonize the ICE agency, while your judges and prosecutors release known illegal alien felons back into our communities where they prey predominantly on the very communities you say you care about, the immigrant communities.

The party ignores a devastating drug, alcohol and mental illness crises, calling it instead a “homeless crises.” The party’s solution to shoplifting and other property crimes? Decriminalize them! Drug addiction? Decriminalize it! Mental illness? Ignore it!

The result? The party is normalizing these behaviors so much that people in cities have had to become accustomed to ignoring poor souls whose lives are so out of control they are defecating in the streets, slowly killing themselves with drugs and alcohol while they walk past them. Crime is on the increase in any city that the party controls.

So, instead of working on policies that would enforce laws, provide pathways out of addiction, that would hold people responsible for their actions and provide assistance for those willing to put in the work to become and stay clean, the party continues to ignore lawlessness, and to push for the disarming of law abiding citizens.

It seems the height of insanity to me for Democrats to continue on this path. I do not believe that they are insane. I believe are local representatives are decent, honorable people who are working to achieve goals that they believe are in the best interest of all of us. So I am hoping they will consider carefully the actions of their party, and the words and intent of the authors of our Constitution.

I am terrified of what may be in our future when I see what Democrats are proposing in terms of gun control for Washington State, and I am begging them to use their conscience and side with our state and federal constitutions. I am begging them to side with our Republic, and remember what our founders said your purpose is,”to secure the rights” granted by our Creator.

I, like politicians, swore an oath to support and defend the one thing that separates us from all other nations, our Constitution. Democrats have passed a number of gun control laws in the last two years that clearly violate both the federal 2nd Amendment and our state’s 24th Amendment. What Democrats are proposing now in this area will mean that I will have to make very difficult decisions regarding my personal future if they are passed. When your party comes for my M-1 Garand, which was manufactured in June of 1941, will I surrender it? Will I hide it? Will I just say no and be put in jail? Will I fight?

I do not know exactly what I will do when the time comes. As a Christian I am hopeful that I will be admitted to heaven upon my death. If I am, I am sure I will be met by many men and women who have paid a much, much higher price than I in the defense of our Constitution in countless wars throughout history. What keeps me awake nights, and what I am hoping Democrats will ponder as well is, what will the two of us say when they ask, “What did you do to save our Constitution and Republic?”

Stan Severson is a resident of Hoquiam