Aberdeen has a lot to offer visitors

The summer tourism season is upon Grays Harbor County. And it comes as the region begins to emerge from the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic that changed our lives.

Roads will be populated with vehicles packed with people anxious to spend some time on the scenic Washington coast and enjoy the numerous amenities and sites the region affords its visitors.

Those vehicles will range from passenger sedans to pickup trucks pulling a fifth wheel trailer, or traditional recreational vehicles strapped down with the usual assortment of bicycles, mountain bikes and more.

But, visiting motorists, more likely than not, drive straight through Aberdeen without so much as braking if not for a missed stop light or traffic holding them up on their way to the coast.

We understand — that’s the whole point. Get to the coast and let the good times roll. But it would be nice if we could get more visitors to pull over for a spell and enjoy what our local businesses have to offer.

A lot of times they simply get overlooked by visitors to the region. The downtown area, for instance, has a number of establishments filled with local flavor that are worthy of checking out.

We know this because we frequent these establishments and have come to appreciate them, not only for the goods and services they provide but for who they are and what they mean to the community.

Plus, a stopover would provide a brief respite from the traffic jams that typically bog down local roads to the coast on the weekends — especially when the weather is in a cooperative mood. Aberdeen has a lot more to offer than being the “Gateway to the Olympics.”

So, as we move toward a more normal way of living and doing business in the days, weeks and months ahead — give the old timber and fishing town a chance and stay for a little bit. We would be happy to share.