Walter James Twidwell

Walter James Twidwell, 82, called Walt by some Twidy by others and Jim by most, passed away peacefully on Dec. 21, 2019, in his home in North River, Washington, due to mesothelioma caused by his time in the Navy.

Born in 1937, he was the oldest of five children born to his father, Walter, a hardworking logger and his mother, Alice, a loving and spirited housewife. He wore many hats, first as a son, then as a brother, a father, an uncle, a cousin and a friend.

Twidwell joined the military at age 17, serving until his retirement from the Navy in 1973, a total of 20 years.

After his military career Jim moved to North River where he lived in his camper for two years as he began the process of building his home from the ground up with his own two hands and simple tools of the trade. This is a process he continued until his failing health made working the land hard for him to do.

At age 48, Walt joined the Freemasons, going on to lead four lodges for a total of eight terms as Master of a Lodge. Furthermore, he served two terms as a District Deputy to the Grand Master of the State of Washington.

Jim’s other passions included cooking, eating, dancing, fishing, hunting and berry picking.

Walt, a proud, strong man, was a teacher to many until his very last days. He appreciated history and made sure to share stories of the past he had witnessed and the future he hoped for his family, friends and loved ones to see.

No matter under which name you knew him, or which hat he wore, there is no doubt that Walter James “Jim” Twidwell touched many lives in his time here on eath.

At this time his family would like to thank everyone for their support and the loving care Jim received in his final days. We invite those who knew him to join us in a celebration of the life he led and the man he was. Date, time and place to be determined, information to follow.