Willapa Valley teachers strike reaches day 2

The teachers strike in the Willapa Valley School District entered its second day Wednesday, Dec.4.

Classes were canceled for the second day, and negotiations between the school district and the teachers union with a state mediator continued Wednesday.

At a special school board meeting Tuesday, a resolution was passed stating “an emergency exists requiring action of the Board of Directors to prevent injury to students, damage to District property, and irreparable injury to the educational process,” and the board “does hereby suspend all polices, rules and/or regulations that might otherwise prevent the Board or superintendent from taking immediate action that may be necessary during the period of any strike or work stoppage to preserve and protect the District and its students.”

The union issued another proposal to the district at 11 a.m. Wednesday, and the district countered at 2 p.m. A union “package proposal” was issued at 4 p.m., but an agreement was not reached.

Updates on negotiations are available at the district website, www.willapavalley.org. Superintendent Nancy Morris said parents will be notified as soon as there is an agreement and school is set to resume.