Warm weather in region to get warmer — again

The National Weather Service has issued a Fire Weather Watch for Thursday through Friday.

Another round of warm weather is rolling through Western Washington, bringing a bit of breeze and an increased chance of brush fires.

The National Weather Service has issued a Fire Weather Watch for Thursday through Friday due to the return of very hot weather with low humidity and increasing winds. Areas most affected will be all of East County, Amanda Park and Humptulips.

“A combination of a moderate breeze, low relative humidity and warm temperatures can contribute to rapid rates of spread anddownwind spotting on any fires that get started,” according to the fire watch.

In the last week, the state Department of Natural Resources said it responded to 82 wildfires, all but two of which likely were started byhumans.

Winds are expected to be strongest near Puget Sound and along the Interstate 5 corridor. Humidity levels are forecast to be 20 to 30percent, though some areas could drop into the upper teens.

The hot weather has the potential of creating major health impacts such as dehydration and heat related illness upon senior citizens and those living and working outdoors. People are reminded to check on friends, neighbors, all vulnerable populations, pets and livestock this week.

Low humidity and hot temperatures with extremely dry fuels create extreme fire dangers and possible Red Flag conditions throughout the county. Citizens are warned to be careful when discarding matches and cigarettes, and are reminded that all outdoor burning in Grays Harbor County is prohibited until further notice including camp and recreational fires.

Temperatures dip back into the 70s for the weekend.

The Daily World’s wire services contributed to this report.