Unstable section of Basich Boulevard closed off indefinitely

The City of Aberdeen has closed off a sizable section of Basich Boulevard, after determining the road has been slowly shifting every day and poses a risk of serious landslides.

With significant rain over the past few days, City Engineer Kris Koski said the Public Works Department decided to close what he guessed was about 50 feet of road until they determine the road has settled or is repaired.

“There’s evidence that it’s actively moving, and every day it’s a little different,” he said. “Out of an abundance of caution, we’ve closed the roadway so if there were to be a landslide or sudden shift, no one would be injured on it or driving into a hole.”

This unstable area of road sits just past the hospital buildings on Basich Boulevard after turning east off of Oak Street on the way up the hill.

Koski said the engineering department will look at the road Thursday morning to see if it has shifted overnight, and that he wasn’t sure how long it will be before it’s reopened. The city has isolated the water main in this section of road to avoid a water main break.