Unleashing your inner engineer; one brick at a time

Montesano Lego Club sees high engagement from local youth

As Tony Robbins once said, “the only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.” While it’s true that not everybody can become an actor and not everybody can become the President of the United States, unique talents exist for all people. In that special field of talent, who’s better to test the potential of their imagination than kids?

One Lego brick at a time, more than a dozen kids could be seen sprawled out in the downstairs portion of the Montesano Timberland Regional Library building just about anything you could think of. From elegant house designs to boats with wings and gun attachments, kids were given a chance to unleash their inner engineer and put their creations on display during Lego Club on Wednesday, March 8.

Carol Brumfield, who runs Lego Club and oversees the kids as they build and play with each other as well as their parents, expressed her excitement to see the popularity of Lego Club growing.

“This is probably the most kids we’ve had come for Lego Club this year. It definitely feels like the word is spreading which is great because we love seeing kids play with their peers, build some fun things, and get involved with being in a library,” said Brumfield. “A lot of these kids didn’t get the opportunity to play with other kids during the pandemic so it’s a great opportunity for them to build cooperative skills as well.”

According to Brumfield, the Lego Club is held once a month for kids between the ages of six and 11 years old. Throughout the 90-minute club meeting, the kids can build whatever creation they would like with the library-supplied Lego bricks and when they’re finished, the creation gets put upstairs in the main lobby for library patrons to see until the next Lego Club when the process is done again. Brumfield said the library received a grant several years ago from the ALSC/Lego Project to purchase Legos for the kids’ entertainment.

While building with Legos is perhaps the most fun part of being in the Lego Club, there are other perks associated with it. The kids have an opportunity to check out a wide range of books and movies that are picked out by the library staff that involve anything related to Legos.

“My son got into Legos a couple of months ago. He’s always asking for the sets that he wants to build, and I figured bringing him here would be a neat experience for him to meet with other children who share his joys,” said one mom while watching her son play. “I had to stop him from grabbing all the different Lego idea books so other kids could get them too.”

Brumfield said there is no cost to be a part of the club. For parents or families who are interested in introducing their kids to the Lego Club, the next meeting will be from 3:30 to 5 p.m. on April 19.

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