Undercover sting nets arrest of notary

  • Tue Nov 1st, 2016 10:00pm
  • News

If you’ve had anything notarized by Hoquiam notary public Nathan C. Oeser in the past six months, contact Hoquiam police. Oeser was arrested Thursday for allegedly continuing to perform notary services without his state-required license.

Oeser had his license suspended in May for what the state Department of Licensing described as violations of the “the standards of notarial acts,” according to Hoquiam police. The suspension was to last through 2021, but the 67-year-old Oeser went on notarizing and charging unsuspecting clients for his fraudulent service, according to Police Chief Jeff Myers.

“The subject also has not had a valid city business license for the past two years,” Myers added.

The investigation began Oct. 10 when a local woman called Oeser to have a lost vehicle title application notarized. Oeser went to the woman’s home, notarized the document and charged her $40, well above the $10 maximum fee mandated by state law.

When the woman tried to file the form the following day, employees at a local vehicle licensing agency informed her Oeser’s services were not legal. The woman approached Oeser soon after and demanded a refund, but he refused, she told police.

Thursday, an undercover Hoquiam officer posed as a customer in need of notary services for a state prison visitation form and arranged to meet with Oeser. When Oeser not only notarized the document but charged $35 for it, he was placed under arrest, transported to jail and his notary stamp and ledger book taken as evidence.

Oeser was cited for two gross misdemeanor counts of official misconduct as a notary public and two misdemeanor counts of operating without a city business license. He was advised to stop advertising his service and remove his business signs.

Myer says any notary public actions done by Oeser after May are presumably not valid. If you believe you have been a victim, contact detective Don Grossi at 532-0892 ext. 295.