Twin Harbors Wildlife Center recieves $15,000 grant

Reward will be used to build a mew to support the rehibilitation of raptors

The Twin Harbors Wildlife Center announced Tuesday, Nov. 15, that the organization was awarded a $15,000 grant from Partners 4 Wildlife. This grant is for the building of the wildlife centers’ first mew for their outdoor raptor flight pen.

A mew is a small building attached to the outside of the flight pen that will be used to house a raptor with a connecting passage into the flight pen to allow the raptor flight time.

Sonnya Wilkins, the co-founder of the Twin Harbors Wildlife Center, was ecstatic to have been rewarded with the grant and hopes to continue adding expansions to the center as time goes on.

“Partners 4 Wildlife was very generous to give us such a helpful grant. The mew will allow the raptors we take in to have immediate housing while they heal, something we didn’t have before,” Wilkins said. “We haven’t started construction of the mew yet, but our plan is to have it done before the end of the year. We’re also in the beginning stages of trying to receive grants for an education center within the wildlife center. We’ll start doing bids in February.”

The Twin Harbor Wildlife Center, which is based in Montesano, serves as a place to rehabilitate injured, orphaned, sick and displaced wildlife to give them a second chance at life. Their goal is to return recovered wildlife to their natural habitat as soon as they can live independently in the wild.

Wilkins says that the implanting of a mew will allow raptors to continue flying within a safe place while they heal which in turn will give them a faster chance at returning to the wild.

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