Small airplane crashed and burned near the coast Monday

A small airplane crashed and was found burned on a logging road Wednesday, about 1.2 miles from State Route 109, according to the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office. Specifically, the crash was north of State Route 109 at Burrows Road, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The crash occurred Monday, the Federal Aviation Administration told the sheriff’s office. According to the FAA, which didn’t immediately notify the county Sheriff’s Office, the pilot of a Tango Piper Cub plane was flying in the area when it had engine problems and made an emergency landing on the logging road. The plane’s wing struck a log, and then the plane went off the road and struck a stump.

The county news release didn’t specify where along Highway 109 the crash happened. It runs from Hoquiam to Taholah.

The pilot told the FAA that the wing and windshield were damaged in the landing and that he and the plane were covered in fuel. The pilot walked out to the road and left the area, according to the FAA report. He did not report the incident to the FAA until Tuesday, and didn’t mention a fire.

On Wednesday, the Sheriff’s Office was given information about the plane, which was found on property owned by Grays Harbor County. Deputies found a small passenger plane that landed on the logging road and struck a stump. The plane was completely burned and did not appear to have anyone inside.

Deputies then contacted the FAA about the incident. The FAA did not notify the Sheriff’s Office of the incident when it occurred Monday, the Sheriff’s Office release says.

Details of the incident are limited at this time, the Sheriff’s Office said. A news release said the pilot was unavailable for contact and the National Transportation Safety Board has scheduled an investigation to take place next Wednesday.