Shots fired call turns out to be airsoft/paintball related

The sheriff’s office is still looking to contact the alleged victims or suspects

An early-morning call on Wednesday to 911 stating the caller’s vehicle had been shot by suspects in another vehicle was not related to actual firearm use, but airsoft- or paintball-style toys, according to the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office.

The call, made from a vehicle on or around Highway 101 north of Hoquiam, was that another vehicle had shot at the vehicle the victim was in, and that they, the victim, were going to chase the suspect vehicle, said Chief Criminal Deputy Kevin Schrader.

“We went to the scene and talked to witnesses nearby. We didn’t find evidence of a real firearm employed or shot,” Schrader said in a phone interview. “We interviewed multiple witnesses and were able to later to determine it was a paintball or airsoft gun that was used. We’re still attempting to locate the alleged victims or suspects.”

Best practice in the case of being in a vehicle that’s shot by anything, real firearm or otherwise, is to call 911 and not pursue the suspect vehicle, Schrader said.

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