Second COVID-19-related death in Pacific County

  • Fri Jul 31st, 2020 3:30pm
  • News

A second COVID-19-related death was reported in Pacific County on Thursday.

“Due to age and underlying conditions the individual was considered high-risk,” said Pacific County Emergency Management Director Scott McDougall. “Public health officials, including the public health nurse for this case, Leah Heintz, would like to extend heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of this individual during this time of loss.”

While this is the second COVID-19 death attributed to Pacific County, it is the first to occur in the county, said McDougall. The county’s first death occurred in April when a Pacific County resident contracted the virus and died out of state.

Late Wednesday, McDougall provided a snapshot of the COVID-19 situation in Pacific County.

The majority of Pacific County’s COVID-19 cases as of Wednesday were reported in the south side of the county. Wednesday, there were 32 confirmed cases attributed to the county, up six from the previous week’s total of 26. Of the 32 total, 28 of those confirmed cases were attached to people residing in the county.

Out of the 28 residing in the county, 19 were attributed to the south end of the county, nine to the north end. The county was divided on a map provided by McDougall by a line stretching west to east from about Middle Nemah, and includes the Long Beach Peninsula.

The number of active cases — cases monitored by Public Health — as of Wednesday was 11, up three from the previous week’s total. The number of closed cases — those no longer monitored — was 21, up three from the previous week.

The total number of tests given in the county is at 1,787 as of Wednesday evening, with 1.8% of those coming back positive.