Safeway now offering walk-in COVID vaccinations

Safeway and Albertsons pharmacies across Washington State and Northern Idaho are now welcoming walk-in COVID-19 vaccinations, the company announced. People can go directly to the in-store pharmacy at their neighborhood Safeway or Albertsons and ask for the vaccine without needing an appointment.

Following is information provided by the company.

Which vaccine is available?

Safeway and Albertsons pharmacies are currently offering the Pfizer, Moderna and the Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

Patients are encouraged to ask their pharmacist which vaccine is available, as it will vary per store location. If the pharmacy location is not administering the patient’s requested vaccine, pharmacists will work with the patient and direct them to a location that is administering their preferred vaccine.

What if I only need my second dose?

People who only need their second dose can contact their local pharmacy, which can help schedule an appointment at a pharmacy with the same vaccine as their first dose. Even if the patient has gone longer than the recommended time lapse after the first dose, it is still very beneficial for the people to receive their second dose. Patients MUST bring their vaccine card to their second dose appointment.

Can I still schedule an appointment at my Safeway or Albertsons pharmacy?

Scheduled appointments at Safeway and Albertsons are also an option and people can go to to book an appointment. A second appointment will automatically be schedule for the patient’s second dose of the vaccine.

All patients who receive their vaccine at a Safeway or Albertsons pharmacy will receive a coupon for 10% off their groceries at each appointment.