Rare drinks for the thirsty in Aberdeen

What does someone do when they’re in the mood for a mid-day drink in the middle of a snowy day with many businesses closed? Oliver Stanton will tell you.

Stanton, dressed in the uniform of the day for Aberdeen residents — a hat and coat, was out walking in front of Tinderbox Roasters, 113 E Wishkah St.

“Snowpocalypse,” he said about the wintry conditions during the late morning hours on Tuesday, Dec. 28. “No beer on draft.”

Stanton was out trying to find a local pint, but a little before noon Tuesday, had no luck. The Tap Room was closed and Game Day Sports Bar and Grill was closed.

“I was just out on a walk and I figured I’d stop and get a beer and there was no shot,” Stanton said.

Stanton said he had first searched for warm tidings at Game Day Sports and The Tap Room, because they’re open before noon. But, his next stop was Steam Donkey Brewing.

While Jon Bennett, co-owner of Steam Donkey, was outside the side-door to his business, the place wasn’t open — a shot to Stanton’s attempt at finding a cold drink. Bennett offered advice to those looking as Stanton was.

“Stay home,” he said. “Don’t go out.”

Stanton’s plan-B? Go home and play video games. If only he had walked to Mac’s Bar and Cardroom, 210 E. Heron St., he might have found what he was looking for, because the bar was open and the drinks were flowing.

Bennett had a short and sweet answer to why his tall and tasty concoctions weren’t being served Tuesday.

“Realistically, who’s coming out?” Bennett said.

But, as Bennett explained, this closure would likely be short-lived.

“We’ll probably be back open tomorrow,” he said.

Bennett said the day of the week — Tuesday — was partly why the business wasn’t opening. But, it sounded like his main concern was the weather and the driving conditions.

“It’s not safe,” he said. “We don’t want to put anyone in danger. It’s a mild convenience, but it’s on the safer side.”