Positive COVID tests return Ocosta schools to remote learning

Ocosta school district students will return to at-home learning after COVID testing in the district resulted in multiple positive tests. A letter from the district went to parents Monday.

Testing has been taking place at the district since March on a voluntary basis. Students returned to classes April 19. Superintendent Heather Sweet said that one student tested positive last week, then a number of positive test results appeared on Monday among both students and staff at the elementary and the junior/senior high school.

“At this time, given the number of positive tests being identified by those choosing to be tested, we believe it is in the best interest of the health and safety for us to close both Ocosta Elementary School and Ocosta Jr/Sr High School,” said Sweet.

While some staff have tested positive, Sweet said that 70% of the district’s staff are immunized to date and they do not believe that the transmission happened at the school. The sharp increase in cases this week caused administrators to worry enough to prompt the closure.

Administrators planned to stay remote for 14 days, and hope to return to in-person learning on Monday May 24.