Port meeting: Final EIS clears way for permitting process

Port commissioners to summarize final EIS

A summary of the Department of Ecology’s environmental impact statement on the proposed crude oil storage and shipment facility at the Port of Grays Harbor will be presented to Port commissioners Oct. 11.

The meeting is scheduled for 9 a.m. at the Port’s main office, 111 Wooding Street in Aberdeen.

“We plan to present a summary report to our commissioners at the regular meeting,” said Port Public Affairs Manager Kayla Dunlap.

Westway Terminals, the company behind the expansion, is now applying for the permits needed to proceed with the project.

“With the final EIS now out, which establishes the pathway to build the project safely, Westway is now in the process of seeking a shorelines permit from the city of Hoquiam, the first major permit and step towards getting shovel ready,” said David Richey, spokesman for Westway. “Concurrently, and subsequently, there are also a number of other state and local permitting steps that Westway is taking for both building and operating permits.”

Along with the city of Hoquiam, Westway needs permits from the Olympic Region Clean Air Agency and will also have to submit numerous plans to the Department of Ecology and the U.S. Coast Guard for approval, which address oil spill prevention, response and security.