One injured following icy highway crash

Excessive speed contributed to the collision.

Icy roads have led to a number of crashes, including one on state Route 12 that resulted in an injury on Tuesday morning.

Teri Perrine, 57, was charged with 2nd-degree negligent driving following a collision, according to a news release from the Washington State Patrol.

Perrine was driving west on SR 12 near the Monte-Brady Road when she lost control just after 7 a.m. The vehicle Perrine was driving, a 2003 Toyota, struck a semi truck parked alongside the road.

The cause of the accident was driving too fast for conditions, according to the report. The Toyota Perrine was driving was totaled, according to the report, while there was damage to the truck.

Perrine was injured in the crash and transported to Harbor Regional Health Community Hospital.

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