One hospitalized following car crash on Sumner

Police are investigating it as a possible drunk driving incident

Police are investigating a motor vehicle crash Monday afternoon that blocked Sumner Avenue as a possible drunk driving incident.

The Aberdeen Police Department was notified of the crash at 6:36 p.m., said Cmdr. Steve Timmons. The vehicle was only occupied by the driver, a 59-year-old Westport man.

“They responded to a Jeep Wrangler that had hit a pole,” Timmons said. “The occupant was still in the vehicle.”

The Hoquiam Police Department had also responded to the crash, Timmons said. The pole the driver had struck had fallen and was blocking Sumner Avenue, Timmons said.

“(Aberdeen Fire Department) responded and provided lifesaving measures,” Timmons said. “They ended up transporting him to the hospital.”

Observations by officers from both departments led officers to seek warrants for a blood draw and to search the vehicle, Timmons said.

The vehicle involved in the crash is currently impounded at APD, Timmons said, pending the granting of a search warrant.

“Hoquiam got there before us. They believed the driver to impaired by alcohol and possibly narcotics based on their observations,” Timmons said. “Our officers investigated it as a DUI collision. They went through the protocols for the DUI process.”

Sumner was shut down for an extended period of time, Timmons said. The investigation into the possible DUI is ongoing.

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