Ocean Shores suspends search for missing Utah woman after finding note

The 31-year-old wrote in a notebook that “this isn’t goodbye forever. This is just goodbye for right now.”

Police have suspended investigation into the disappearance of a Utah woman who traveled to Ocean Shores, after concluding that she left on her own accord.

Tracy Ann Lewis, 31, of Eden, Utah, was reported missing from Ocean Shores on March 17. Her vehicle had been left at the Morning Glory Hotel, and she was last seen walking away from the motel on the morning of March 9, Ocean Shores Police said in a press release.

While searching her car, officers found a note, which read, “I know you’ll want to, but please don’t try to find me. — Goodnight”.

In a notebook left in the vehicle, Lewis wrote about her intention to leave, and to find herself without anyone pulling her back.

“And this isn’t goodbye forever. This is just goodbye for right now,” she wrote.

Her family told the investigating officers that in 2015, Lewis had disappeared for about two weeks, and then returned home without explanation.

Police say at this point, “it appears that Tracy Lewis left of her own accord.”

She is still listed in the National Crime Information Center computer system as a missing person, so her welfare can be checked. Other than that, the case is inactive at this time.

Police have notified Lewis’ family that no further investigation is warranted at this time.

Lewis had gone on a family vacation to Disneyland, and then drove alone up the coast. She intended to go to San Francisco and Portland before returning home. Her family does not know why she would have gone to Ocean Shores, as she knows no one in the area.

Since Lewis’ disappearance, an extensive search was conducted in the wooded and dune-covered areas nearby, but no trace was found of her.

Officers then obtained a search warrant for her vehicle, and upon searching they found that Lewis had left behind nearly all of her belongings, taking only her wallet, a small personal backpack and a few other items. Ocean Shores Sargent David McManus said there were no signs that Lewis brought food or water with her, and added that there are “tons” of areas to hide around the area she was last seen in.

“It would be easy to walk a mile in either direction and never be seen,” said McManus. “It’s very wooded, and with the ups and downs, it’s easy to disappear in there.”

Tracy is described as being 5-foot-5, weighing about 125 pounds, and she has blonde hair and blue eyes. If anyone has information to help locate Tracy, please call the Ocean Shores Police Department at 360-289-3331.