North Cove community tours shoreline preservation efforts

Rep. Brian Blake, whose family lost property to erosion, took the tour

Several North Cove community residents gathered for a beach walk on New Year’s Day to view the recent efforts to save land, as reported in The Daily World Dec. 28 edition. David Cottrell, chairman of the Pacific County Drainage District commission, led a seminar discussing the interaction of systems causing erosion and how the same systems also help rebuild the barrier dune. Representative Brian Blake, R-Aberdeen, whose family lost land in North Cove, also attended.

The talk and tour were sponsored by the Wash Away No More campaign of the North Willapa Harbor Grange. It provided an opportunity to observe small changes in dune building and dynamic revetment, the practice of using large boulders combined with small rocks — cobble — and other natural elements like driftwood to preserve the rapidly eroding shoreline in the area.

“The walk would not have been possible at high tide when the recently placed rock moves and shakes absorbing the destructive wave energy,” said Connie Allen, North Willapa Harbor Grange Secretary. “Participants are looking forward to spring when Wash Away No More plans a dune grass and sea rock planting day.”

More information and opportunities to support this effort can be found on Facebook, WashAwayNoMore@Northcove1881, or email