Message from the Publisher: We need your support

  • Fri May 15th, 2020 3:30pm
  • News

In good times and bad, since before statehood, this newspaper has been here to provide valuable, reliable information that people have come to expect. Today, that bond is being tested.

As our communities have shut down to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, our local business community has acutely felt the loss.

It’s no secret that journalism faces the same economic pressures. We, too, are a local business and we rely on local retail revenue from thriving businesses on main street.

But we have to be here in order to help you. Advertisers large and small are melting away as you read this. We will do our best, but without local advertising revenue, The Daily World cannot survive.

These days there are a lot of appeals for donations and for you to support local businesses. We are simply asking the community to consider us. Any support you can offer will be of immeasurable benefit. I cannot stress enough the peril that we are facing.

There is no silver bullet to save local journalism, but for those who care about our community and journalism’s role in monitoring its important institutions and telling the stories of people who live here, we ask you to support our mission financially. That means supporting our advertisers and supporting us directly with print or digital subscriptions. To become a digital or home delivery print subscriber, or to support us with a donation, visit


Mike Hrycko