Man ID’d after body found under Montesano business

Authorities have confirmed the identity of the man found dead under a Montesano business on June 1.

William R. Martin, 43, was identified as the person found in the basement under the business office of Price & Price Real Estate at 120 W. Pioneer Ave. He did not have a permanent address at the time of his death, but records show he was last a resident of Hoquiam.

Although the authorities have a positive match to Martin’s identity, there is still no new information about his cause of death or the circumstances that led him to being in the basement of the real estate office. According to the Montesano Police Department Chief Brett Vance, the details of the case are still being sorted out.

But he said that Martin’s last confirmed sighting was more than a week prior to his discovery.

“We’re still working on a time (of) death and matching up any videos we have since (Martin) was last encountered eight days before we found him.” Vance said.

Robert Kegel, who serves as the coroner for Grays Harbor County, said that his office is still waiting to get an autopsy performed.

“Scheduling autopsies are a slow process, especially with the lack of pathologists that are available to do such work,” Kegel said. “As a result, there isn’t really any new information to provide until the autopsy is done by the King County Medical Examiner.”

When asked for any timeline to when an autopsy report could be completed, Kegel said that also depends on when the medical examiner can start the process. According to Vance, autopsies used to be performed in Grays Harbor County on a consistent basis but things changed during the pandemic.

“We used to have someone come down from King County to perform our autopsies one or two times a week, but when COVID-19 started that slowly stopped,” Vance said. “Now we have to send everything up there and it just really slows our progress for having all the data in a timely manner.”