Local school districts phasing in hybrid learning

Multiple Grays Harbor County school districts began implementing a hybrid approach to their respective instruction curriculum this month, allowing a number of students to attend school in person.


The Aberdeen School Board will be asked to formally approve the school district’s plan to allow hybrid learning for pre-K through third grade beginning Feb. 1.

The schedule, according to a district press release, plans to have students “receive core instruction remotely via Canvas in the mornings, and come to school in the afternoons for follow-up instruction and support from their classroom teachers.”

The in-person component of the ASD plan is optional.

The district plans to further implement in-person components of hybrid instruction for grades 4-6 on Feb 15, with 7-8 grades and 9-12 grades following in two-week intervals, provided state metrics and guidelines are met.

“No part of this pandemic has been easy on our students and families,” Aberdeen Superintendent Alicia Henderson said. “We are thrilled to be able to bring students into the classroom again, even though it can only be for part of the day at this time. I appreciate all of the thought, care and planning that has gone into coming up with a schedule for the in-person component we are able to offer.”

For more information, visit smore.com/3m1gt-aberdeen-schools?ref=email-content#w-9354056349.


The Hoquiam School District will present an updated reopening plan to the school board at a meeting Thursday. The plan includes in-person learning and, if approved, is expected to be implemented sometime in early February.

Details on the plan will be released immediately after it is finalized, according to a post on the district’s Facebook page.

For more information, visit the Hoquiam School District Facebook page at facebook.com/Hoquiam-School-District-390307658130306 or the district website at wa01001145.schoolwires.net/Page/0.


On Jan. 11, Montesano School District began a hybrid program that allowed for students grades kindergarten through sixth at both Beacon and Simpson elementary schools to attend in person two days a week as part of the district’s “Working Together” program.

The blended learning model separates students into two groups — A and B — with each group attending school in person for two straight days with the three remaining days used for remote learning.

Group A attends in person Monday and Tuesday with Group B attending Thursday and Friday.

Montesano Junior/Senior High School plans to tentatively start a hybrid learning model on Feb. 1, the first day of the second semester for the 2020-21 school year.

For more information, visit monteschools.org/superintendent-update/2021/1/8/welcome-back.


The Elma School District also implemented a version of a hybrid learning model, with similar plans to go district-wide for all students beginning Feb. 1.

On Jan. 11, Elma added third-graders to its district in-person/hybrid plan to go along with the kindergarten through second-graders that have been attending in-person instruction since Dec. 11.

Similar to other districts, Elma also uses a cohort A/B schedule, with the A group attending Monday-Tuesday and the B group in person Wednesday-Thursday, with the remaining days on the schedule designated for remote learning.

Per its reopening plan, which was approved on Dec. 18, grades 4-8 will begin hybrid instruction based on a county case rate below 350 per 100,000, with high schools opening if the case rate over the previous 14 days is approximately 200 per 100,000.

Thus far, not a single contraction or transmission of COVID-19 has been reported on district property since in-person learning began.

“Not one case,” Elma Superintendent Kevin Acuff said when asked if there had been any transmission/contraction on school grounds. “We’ve had some people not on school grounds, that we’ve heard about in our community (contract COVID), and we had one staff member who ended up having COVID, but they weren’t in school and it was during the time we were out (of school).”

Acuff has been pleased with having students back in the building and how his staff has handled it.

“They’re absolutely running smoothly,” he said. “Our staff has been fantastic and, along with our students and parents, have been following protocols. … We love having kids in the building, so it’s been a great shot of energy for us. So it’s been incredible for us.”

For more information, visit eagles.edu/news/what_s_new/district_reopening_update_-_dec18__2020.