Little Hill Farm in McCleary opening for first time in 2022

For most people, the value of something is equal to it’s worth. Most consumer goods throughout the developed world are made via processing plant by people who see each item as a number rather than its actual name.

As a result, the specialties of homegrown and authenticity feel like forgotten treasures. However, for one small business in the East Grays Harbor area, the value of homegrown, vintage and authentic is the name of the game.

This weekend, the Little Hill Farm will be opening its doors to the public for the first time in 2022. The small, family-owned business specializes in vintage farm materials, antique goods and greenhouse gardening, among other things. The business operates as an open area store given that it encompasses the entirety of a 5-acre farm in the McCleary area.

Jona Thomson, who is the owner of the Little Hill Farm, says while she’s been operating this business for nearly 22 years, she happened to fall into it unknowingly.

“I’ve always had this creative side to make things and collect things. It really started when I was a stay-at-home mom,” Thomson said. “One day my husband came up to me and mentioned the idea that I should sell some of the stuff I was making and here we are.”

According to Thomson, she typically opens the store two to three times a year for people to come out and explore what she has to offer. While the store is located on a farm populated with animals, she doesn’t want people to mistake it as a petting zoo for kids to enjoy, but rather as a unique countryside antique store.

Most of the crafts in the store are either made by Thomson and her family or are acquired at small farm sales. She says that over the years, she’s noticed more people coming to explore her shop from the McCleary area, as well as outside the community due to word of mouth and advertising online.

“People really like to come out here because we have some really unique authentic things and because it’s all home grown,” Thomson explained. “There’s just a lot to see and we love sharing it with people.”

Thomson says the best part about having the store is she gets to do it alongside her family. While she does most of the work, she was very eager to highlight the work her husband Scott does, as well as pointing out that her kids make their own unique things to sell in the store, such as jewelry, earrings, and custom notepads.

The Little Hill Farm store will be open Friday, May 13, though Sunday, May 15, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.. The store is located at 693 Mox Chehalis Road in McCleary.

For anyone interested in learning more about the Little Hill Farm, people can check out their Facebook page, as well as contact them at 360-495-3299.