Lacey golfers are rammed on course by woman in car

The News Tribune

Two golfers were injured Friday in Lacey when the golf cart they were riding in was struck by a car, KIRO 7 reported.

The bizarre incident occurred at the Indian Summer Golf and Country Club in Lacey during a golf tournament.

Lacey police said a woman in her 30s drove on to the golf course grounds and eventually struck two golf carts with people inside of them.

Two golfers in the first cart sustained broken bones. One had a concussion. They were transported to a local hospital.

The car’s driver ran into a nearby housing development where it took five officers to subdue and arrest her, according to Lacey Police detective Jaime Newcomb.

The car left tire tracks across some of the course’s fairways.

Newcomb said the woman may have been experiencing mental illness. She was transported to a hospital, KIRO reported.