Hoquiam woman wakes up to intruder in home

A Hoquiam woman was not injured, but startled after finding an unknown man standing in her bedroom early Monday morning.

The woman told The Daily World that she awoke to the noises of the man breaking in to her home through her kitchen window. Her adult son also lives in the home so she thought it might have been her son. She went into the bathroom and when returning to her room, the unknown man followed her into her bedroom and closed the door behind them. She thought at first that the man might have been a friend visiting her son and asked if he was in the wrong room. She said he had slurred his speech and pushed her toward the bed attempting to follow.

“I was scrambling to grab my phone so I could get some light to see who it was because it was pitch black and I kept asking him who he was,” she said at the same time the man seemed somewhat non-combative and under the influence of something.

She pushed him out of her bedroom and after a few minutes of the man attempting to hold the door shut she got out of her room and to her son. Her son pushed the man out through the front door while she was calling 911. She said Hoquiam Police arrived quickly. They arrested the man on trespassing charges and had to restrain him due to his behavior.

“At first we believed he was an adult and it took some time to determine his true identity and age,” said Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers. He was eventually transported to the hospital for treatment. Myers added, “we’re not exactly sure what he took but he was very, very agitated and screamed the entire time we had him at the station.”

The man turned out to be a 17-year-old. His mother tells police that he has been suffering from substance-abuse for quite some time and that she has traveled all over the country seeking help and treatment.