Guns, gold, drugs seized in Aberdeen DUI stop

A large amount of marijuana was seized in the stop

A large amount of cash, gold, marijuana and several loaded firearms were seized in a DUI stop last week in Aberdeen.

The initial call was of a driver asleep at the wheel of a black pickup truck in the middle of an intersection near Port Industrial Road at about 11:20 p.m. on June 5, according to an Aberdeen Police Department news release.

The caller, who said there was a strong scent of marijuana from the vehicle, attempted to contact the driver, who seemed confused before driving east on Heron Street, according to the news release.

Police located the vehicle on Heron Street exhibiting signs of impaired driving and stopped him on the suspicion of driving under the influence, arresting the 63-year-old Seattle man.

The vehicle was towed to the police station; after obtaining a search warrant, police located four loaded handguns, about $8,000 in cash, more than $30,000 in gold coins and bars and about a kilogram of marijuana, said Lt. Dave Cox in a phone interview.

The driver was arrested and booked into the Aberdeen Police Department jail for DUI, firearms violations stemming from the DUI, and possession of marijuana with the intent to deliver. The investigation is ongoing. The man has subsequently been released.

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