Grays Harbor Covid case count jumps by four to 70

Grays Harbor County health officials reported four more cases of Covid-19 on Wednesday, putting the total at 70.

On July 1, the county was reporting only 26 cases. Some of the sudden jump to 70 is because of a methodological change in counting, but whatever the time period, it still means 70 positive tests. Cases are now counted according to the day of the onset of symptoms, not the day the positive test result came back, which is how they were assigned initially.

In July there have now been 30 cases, by far the most number of cases in a month. With a week to go in July, and lag time from when someone notices symptoms and the test results come back, the number seems likely to go higher.

Of the 60 cases, 27 are in the 20-39 age group. Next is the 40 to 59 age group with 21 cases, followed by the 60-79 age group with 13.

The state’s health website lists 11 hospitalizations in Grays Harbor County and an infection rate of 1.9 percent for 3,623 tests.