Gordon agrees to court compromise

Former commissioner given stipulated order of continuance for allegedly removing campaign signs

The case against former Grays Harbor County Commissioner Frank Gordon for allegedly stealing political campaign signs posted for his opponent has been placed into a 12-month stipulated order of continuance status.

The agreement is often used for cases in which “the defendant doesn’t have a criminal history and realizes mistakes were made,” said Forest Worgum, Aberdeen’s deputy corporation counsel who is the prosecutor for the case.

The defendant does not admit guilt but acknowledges there are sufficient facts that would likely result in a conviction, Worgum said.

According to Worgum, for Gordon not to have the charge on his record, he is required not to engage in criminal activity during the one-year period.

Randy Ross, Gordon’s opponent, ultimately won last year’s election after sensor-triggered trail camera video surfaced of Gordon appearing to be removing Ross campaign signs from an Aberdeen location.

“The election is over and he lost,” Worgum explained. “This order is a way for everyone to move on with their lives.”

The case was moved to Thurston County last fall after Gordon’s attorney Jack Micheau requested a change of venue from Aberdeen Municipal Court. It had been postponed in January and rescheduled for earlier this month. Thurston County District Court Judge Kalo Wilcox heard the case.