Giving back to the community

Harborite to provide kids with athletic opportunities in resource-strapped county

For 28-year-old Layne Bruner, a Montesano High School graduate and Washington State University graduate, giving back to the community where he was born and raised was always a part of the plan.

“One thing I’d say growing up in a small area like this is that it’s very community oriented. Something I’ve always wanted to do was come back and give back to where I grew up,” Bruner said.

An avid sports player growing up, Bruner spent a lot of his youth traveling to the urban hubs of Seattle and Puyallup for baseball and basketball instruction due to a lack of resources in the Harbor. His dedication to sports would lead to him being drafted straight out of high school by the Baltimore Orioles in the 18th round of the 2016 MLB Draft, playing 19 games as a pitcher in the Minor League.

While unable to achieve the coveted dream of reaching the Majors, Bruner still made his accomplishments earning a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and spending the last three-plus years as an investment advisor in Thurston County as well as Grays Harbor County where he currently works for Harbor Investment Advisors in Aberdeen.

When he returned to Grays Harbor after being away for years, an idea sparked within him – starting a nonprofit.

“I was coaching up at (Grays Harbor College) and it was so evident that there was an indoor facility need in the area,” Bruner said. “It’s when I was driving to meet a client that I noticed that the old bowling alley in Montesano would be a good location for sports instruction to be held.

That’s when Multi-Sport 360, Inc. was born. Bruner, who co-founded the nonprofit with his father in the spring of 2022, noted that the purpose of the organization is centered around being able to help kids in the community “that might not have the opportunity they deserve.” He says that kids will be able to have access to four different hitting stations, a weight room, a golf simulator, indoor soccer, wrestling, and tutoring among other things.

“The tutoring aspect is something I believe is really important in all this so that kids can get the ability to expand their education while also practicing sports,” Bruner said. “The great thing about growing up in a community like this is that if you have a cause that people believe in, they’ll get behind it. Our community is so great in that sense that they want what’s best for kids.”

According to Bruner, Multi-Sport 360 Inc. has raised upward of $40,000 in community funding and received donations of turf from the city of Montesano to help progress their work. He said grants are in the work to continue building more funds and that will help the nonprofit give out scholarships and other financial assistance to the Harbor community.

“We’re doing what’s called the Giving Fund. It’s essentially money that’s going to be dedicated to keeping the cage open for certain hours so that way anybody in the community can come. We also want to provide affordable memberships to families who fall below a certain income threshold,” Bruner said.

Although the turf and netting have yet to be installed, Bruner said the facility plans to open in March with the expectation it could reach out to 300 kids a month. He said a cafeteria will be added so that parents can relax and grab a bite to eat while watching their kids practice.

Ed Klein, who serves as the CEO of Harbor Investment Advisors and is a business partner of Bruner, commended the work being done as being special.

“It’s really a rare thing to have someone in his 20s that’s doing nonprofit stuff that’s going to benefit the community,” Klein said. “I don’t know too much about the nonprofit to the extent that Layne does, but I really respect what he’s doing.”

Bruner praised the hard work of the board members of Multi-Sport 360 Inc. including his wife McKenna for being emotionally and physically supportive of the startup of the nonprofit. Bruner said individuals interested in knowing more about the organization will be able to the coming weeks.

“At the beginning of February, we’re going to have our website launched and it will have our phone number as well as our email,” Bruner said. “What I would say is look us up online, we’ll have more information on time slots, the giving fund and applications for memberships among other things.”

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