Funding for Cosi muni building has razor-thin lead

  • Fri Nov 15th, 2019 4:31pm
  • News

The spending measure that would authorize Cosmopolis to sell bonds to pay for a $3 million municipal building is passing, but just by a whisker, in the latest vote tally Thursday afternoon.

The vote is 381 in approval to 252 against. It needs a 60 percent supermajority to pass and is getting 60.19 percent.

The last vote count for all elections in the county is Tuesday, said elections administrator Scott Turnbull.

No matter how close the Cosi measure is, it won’t result in a recount, Turnbull said, according to state statute.

There are still ballots that have not been counted because they are problematic in some way, but the voters have until the day before certification day, Nov. 26, to rectify the problem.

Dozens of ballots were initially rejected for reasons such as late postmarks, ballot envelopes not being signed or signatures not matching the signatures on file. The Auditor’s Office has been contacting voters by mail or calling if they have a phone number.

The elections staff has authority to determine if a ballot is valid and as voters come forward, ballots are often resolved, but on certification day, the county canvassing board, consisting of chairman of the county commission Randy Ross, Prosecutor Katie Svoboda and Auditor Joe MacLean, will examine the unresolved ballots and make a final determination.

Ross might choose to step aside in favor of another commissioner, because his wife, Deborah, was on the ballot this time, elected to a seat on the Aberdeen City Council.

The Ocean Shores mayoral race looks like it is headed for a recount (see related story). And in Oakville, a city council race between Julie Zehe Allen Werth is tied at 60.