Fishing boat sinks at Westport Marina

The cause of the sinking is unknown.

Cleanup efforts are under way after the 77-foot fishing vessel Lady Lillian sank at her moorings in the Westport Marina early Monday morning.

The Coast Guard was notified of the sinking by marina staff.

According to a Coast Guard press release, the initial cleanup supplies came from a spill response supply trailer kept at the port, one of more than 100 positioned around the state.

“The Washington State Department of Ecology was able to contain the sheen with booms and absorbent pads,” said Petty Officer 3rd Class Amanda Norcross.

The spill had the potential to be a problem as the vessel reportedly contained approximately 1,000 gallons of diesel and 7 gallons of hydraulic fuel.

In response to the sinking, the Coast Guard contracted with Global Diving &Salvage of Seattle to plug the vents and empty the fuel tanks of the vessel.

“The Coast Guard is monitoring the cleanup,” Norcross said.

The cause of the sinking is unknown.