Failure to launch

Alleged DUI nearly plunges car from boat launch.

Hoquiam police were dispatched to the 28th Street boat launch Sunday evening after receiving a report of two intoxicated people apparently attempting to launch a boat.

Upon arrival, Officer Jarrod Figg discovered the driver, a 29-year old Aberdeen woman, had actually launched a 2004 Chrysler Sebring down the concrete dock and nearly into the Chehalis River.

Fortunately for her and her 70-year-old stepfather passenger, the car became stuck upon a boat cleat and did not plunge into the water. The mistake was especially disturbing because the stepfather was reportedly disabled and may not have been able to escape had the car gone into the harbor.

According to the Hoquiam Police Department, while speaking with the driver, officers noted she appeared to be highly intoxicated. She admitted she had driven down the dock in an attempt to get as close to the water as possible to watch the sunset. She also admitted she had been drinking beer and smoking marijuana.

The woman was arrested and taken to the police station for a blood-alcohol content test. The stepfather got a ride home and the vehicle was impounded at the scene.

The driver was then booked into the Hoquiam City Jail for DUI.

Failure to launch