Elma stadium falling short in bond vote

  • Wed Feb 12th, 2020 5:00pm
  • News

In East County, one bond issue is passing, the other is falling short.

The effort to pay for a new stadium at Elma High School is falling short of the 60 percent of votes needed to pass. But it looks as if Oakville School District will get the money it sought to make improvements.

And replacement school district levies across East County are passing or, in one case, tied.

In Elma, the $5.53 million bond issue to build a sports and activities stadium got 56.8% of ballots voting yes after the first count Tuesday. Bond issues require a 60% supermajority to pass.

Turnout after the first day was 36.74%, higher than the average 31.14% countywide.

Elma School District Superintendent Kevin Acuff still has hope that the bond will pass.

“(We) are gratified by the overwhelming support of our levy, which allows us to deal with growing enrollment as well as providing activities not funded by the state to our students,” Acuff said via email.

The Elma levy is passing with 64.3% yes votes.

“We are also thankful for the community support of the stadium bond,” Acuff added. “Although it failed to garner the necessary 60% super-majority, a clear majority of our community supports this project. In addition, this is the highest percentage approving this issue after the first vote count. We are holding out hope for a miraculous comeback … .”

Oakville’s $5.6 million bond — if the 64.25% yes vote trend continues — will pay for a replacement of the old Oakville Elementary School, which currently isn’t in use. The money also will bring major repairs to the district kitchen, including moving it to the main building and creating a “healthier space for our students,” according to a flyer from the district.

The money also will be used to upgrade security infrastructure on campus, including a remodeled high school entry and replacement announcement and alarm systems. Bathrooms and locker rooms will be remodeled for the first time in 30 years.

Oakville’s replacement levy has backing from 65.7% of voters.

“We’re really grateful for the support we’ve gotten from the community so far,” Oakville Superintendent Rich Staley said. “We’re thrilled that the community showed this much commitment and support and confidence in what we’re doing here to give us the resources to provide a better building for the kids.”

Other East County levies

Levy issues require a simple majority to pass. The Satsop School district levy is passing with 82% of the vote. Mary M. Knight’s levy is passing, but not by much, with 52.9% of the vote. The levy in Montesano has 59.5% yes votes. The McCleary School District’s levy has 244 votes for it and 244 votes against it. To pass, it needs 50 percent, plus at least one more.