Election Day 2022 has arrived

After months of the constant bombardment of advertising and endless visuals of endorsement signs, the day that many Americans have been waiting for has arrived – Election Day.

Across the country, millions of votes will begin to be tabulated to determine the winners of all 435 congressional races, 35 senate races and 36 gubernatorial races as well as the winners of the thousands of county and state-level races.

While most midterm election coverage is normally focused on federal races, Grays Harbor County voters will also be waiting for results for races unique to the county and their legislative district. The races for Grays Harbor County Commissioner District 3, Sheriff, Assessor and Coroner will be the most anticipated given they are the only county-level races that don’t have a candidate running unopposed.

Joe MacLean, who serves as the Grays Harbor County Auditor, said votes will begin to be tabulated as soon as the 8 p.m. deadline for ballot submission occurs on Nov. 8.

“We should have the first batch of tabulated votes anytime within the first 15 minutes of when we close the ballot boxes. We’ll start with the ones that our office has received prior to Election Day since they have already been scanned,” MacLean said.

MacLean said federal and state-wide races are notably known to have projected winners declared by media outlets, but that doesn’t exist for most county-level races across the country.

“The only way we determine who the winner of the race will be is when either all the votes are counted or it’s mathematically impossible for one candidate to catch up in the vote count,” MacLean said.

Voters interested in seeing updated vote counts of county-level races as well as the vote counts for state-wide races during election night are encouraged to check the Grays Harbor County Auditor’s website or the Office of the Secretary of State website. The Daily World will be providing live results from Election Day at 8 p.m. at thedailyworld.com.