Ducky’s Bill advances out of committee

SHB 1060 would allow medical marijuana prescriptions be taken during the school day by some students

Ducky’s Bill, proposed state legislation that would allow parents or guardians to give medical marijuana to their children during school, made it through the state House Judiciary Committee on Friday.

Seven-year-old Ducky, whose real name is River, attends A.J. West Elementary School in Aberdeen but can only be there for half of each day because she suffers from an epileptic seizure disorder for which she receives a marijuana prescription. Her father, John Barclay, believes his daughter having access to the medicine on campus part-way through the day would allow her to attend school all day long.

Under current law, however, “that’s virtually impossible,” Barclay told committee members.

He described to the legislators what the process would entail: taking his daughter into a private room, putting some oil on a cookie, sugar cube or in apple sauce, and being there while she eats it.

Officially known as SHB1060, the bill would require a school district to permit consumption by students who meet specific medical requirements to take the substance “on school grounds, aboard a school bus or while attending a school-sponsored event,” the proposal states.

Rep. Brian Blake, D-Aberdeen, is its sponsor.

The Health Care & Wellness Committee version of this bill has been sent to the Rules Committee for review, where members will determine whether it goes to the floor of the house for a vote.