Duck Lake system to be treated with herbicide next week

Various canals and waterways within the Duck Lake system will be treated with aquatic herbicides during the week of July 26.

An advisory was sent earlier this month to more than 2,100 property owners surrounding the waterway notifying them of the pending treatment. The treatment is scheduled to begin July 26.

Posting of the shorelines will occur prior to treatment. Treatment updates will be posted on the Facebook page at No applications will be administered during the weekend.

The 2021 program is being implemented by the city of Ocean Shores in an effort to maintain safe recreational waters for all residents and visitors. This control component is just one part of an integrated approach for the management of the waterways.

The products planned for use are Diquat, Imazamox, Imazapyr and Triclopyr. The target locations are Bell Canals, Grand Canal north of Bell Canals, Bass Canal, Fishhook Canal, Marrs Shallows, Blue Heron Bayou, Bridges Bayou, Ocean Wins, Otter Alley, Ballou Bayou, Raccoon Lagoon, Twaunnie’s Dream, Wanoona Avenue and Sea Breeze Loop, North Grand Canal wetland area and Chance la Mar NE Bridge area.

Targeted plants are pondweeds, elodea, milfoil, pennywort, coontail, parrotfeather, duckweed and other associated free floating species that may produce recreational problems.

If you are a water-rights holder and are drawing water from the system for potable or domestic water use, livestock watering, or irrigation, and have no alternate water source, please contact the applicator Northwest Aquatic Eco-Systems at 360-357-3285 or to arrange an alternate water supply.

Residents are encouraged to limit boating activities during the treatment phases. Dislodged bottom sediments resulting from prop wash typically will neutralize the active ingredient component of the control product. This may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

Weather conditions change daily and these factors influence when and where treatments will occur.