Driver loses consciousness, plows into shed in Ocean Shores

Ocean Shores emergency services responded to a single-vehicle crash Monday morning after a driver put his vehicle through a shed after losing consciousness on the 300 block of Canal Drive.

No one was injured in the crash, including the driver and passenger of the vehicle, who were visitors to the area, said Interim Fire Chief Brian Ritter of the Ocean Shores Fire Department.

“It was a couple driving down the road. He apparently went unconscious and he woke up and was in the shed,” Ritter said. “We had to extricate the passenger from the vehicle just because it was stuck in the shed.”

The driver, whose name was not released, regained consciousness after the crash, and was awake and alert when firefighters arrived on scene, Ritter said. The driver refused medical treatment, Ritter said.

“We can’t take someone against their will,” Ritter said.

The damage to the shed was substantial, Ritter said, though the vehicle’s damage appeared mostly cosmetic. Another motor vehicle crash occurred Monday involving a T-bone accident resulting in minor injuries, Ritter said.

“Pay attention and watch your speed,” Ritter said. “People need to pay attention. Everyone’s in a rush. Accidents happen. Wear your seatbelt. Pay attention.”

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